Shadowrun - MW

Game Summary 12/15/16
Bye-bye Rowena…And roll end credits…

The runners decided to wait until three in the morning, hoping most of the people in the mansion would be asleep. Wildfire did hourly astral recons of the mansion. As 3am approached he counted twenty eight people in the mansion in addition to Rowena. He noted that most of the people in the mansion were still awake, but that Rowena was asleep in a bedroom in the basement.

Wildfire relayed the information to the team and they went over various plans of attack. Most of the team was against a frontal attack; some because the thought of mass murdering twenty eight people gave them pause; others because a fire fight with that many people was likely to take a few of the runners with them. They decided on a quiet infiltration from the rear of the building, down to Rowena’s bedroom, finish her and get out before anyone knew they’re there. The runners weren’t too excited by the plan because all it would take was one guard getting off a shout of warning or a single gunshot to bring everyone in the mansion down on them while giving Rowena a chance to escape.

Smokey and Whip put on the heavy security armor and helmets that they just acquired from the mercenaries. Smokey then summoned a great form city spirit and kept it on call. The rest of the runners checked their weapons and gear one last time before the kick off.

They stealthed their way around the back, outside the outer estate wall, to the lake facing side of the mansion. Wildfire activated the levitation spell in one of his spell locks and floated up until his head cleared the back wall of the estate. He focused his binoculars on the back door and spotted two goons with assault rifles and tactical vests on guard. He cast a Stunball spell and grunted in satisfaction as they both slumped to the ground. He floated back down and updated the team.

Kus said, “This is going to be a pain in the ass. You know we’re going to end up fighting all twenty eight assholes inside, right omae?”

Tool replied, “Do you have a better idea?”

“No, I just wish there was some other way. Can’t you magic types put some kind of whammy on her from here?”

Smokey replied, “No, combat spells need line of sight to do damage and Rowena is not magically active so we can’t astrally project and attack her.”

Wildfire smacked his hand against his forehead, “I can’t believe I didn’t think of it. We can’t attack Rowena from the astral, but we can command our spirits manifest and kill her. I can’t believe that after we wiped out the Merlins, the Finnegans didn’t get new magical support and put up a ward. Well, they’re going to find out how big a mistake that was very shortly.”

Wildfire turned to the rest of the runners and said, “Everyone sit tight while Smokey and I end this.”

Smokey and Wildfire sat down and leaned against the wall. Smokey nodded to Wildfire and they both astrally projected. Smokey called his great form spirit while Wildfire called his numerous elementals to him. They moved through the walls into the mansion and sunk through the floor into the basement. They passed through a sitting room outside Rowena’s bedroom noting the four wide awake armed guards playing cards around a table.

They entered her bedroom and Wildfire turned to Smokey and said, “Do you want to say good-bye? She was your girlfriend so I wouldn’t blame you. Maybe you could tell her that we killed the Chimera sniper that killed her dad, that way she can die happy.”

Smokey gave him a sharp look.

“Okay, relatively happy. You know, as happy as someone can be when they’re being murdered. At least she can go to her grave knowing her father’s death has been avenged.”

“Okay.” Smokey manifested as a ghostly apparition and called Rowena’s name. He had to call her name several times before she awoke. She sat up and rubbed sleep out of her eyes.

Smokey said, “Hey Rowena, we need to talk.”

She lowered her hands at the sound of his voice, her eyes opened wide.

Smokey said, “It’s about your father…” Before he could say more Rowena snatched an Ares Predator II off of her nightstand and fired a round harmlessly through Smokey’s floating form.

Wildfire said, “I guess she doesn’t want to talk.”

Smokey replied, “Yeah, screw this.” He then commanded his great form spirit to kill her and he stopped manifesting. The spirit manifested and attacked her, giving her a light wound.

Wildfire could hear the guards in the next room getting mobilized and he realized that they didn’t have the time to let Smokey’s spirit finish the job, so he command one of his fire elementals to attack Rowena until she was completely dead. He determined that there would be no last minute Doc Wagon saves or miraculous magical healing for her. After all, the Finnegans were connected and had considerable resources. His elemental manifested and attacked Rowena, giving her a serious wound. He manifested and said, “I don’t know if you care at this point, but we killed the Chimera sniper that killed your father. I just thought you should know.” Rowena didn’t give any indication that she heard what he said as she continued to fight the spirits.

Smokey’s spirit attacked her again but she didn’t take any damage.

The guards in the sitting room ran to the bedroom door and fumbled the key into the lock. Wildfire took that as his que and stopped manifesting.

The fire elemental attacked but she was able to dodge. Rowena ran to the door of her bedroom just as the guards opened it. She bolted out, partially on fire and coughing up smoke and yelled, “Smokey.” The guards’ eyes opened in shock and fear as the great form spirit and the fire elemental passed through them in pursuit of Rowena. They never saw the astral forms of Smokey and Wildfire follow the spirits out the door.

The great form spirit attacked the fleeing Rowena and she dropped to the floor with another serious wound. The fire elemental attacked her two more times as the guards’ bullets passed ineffectually through both spirits and riddled the far wall.

Smokey and Wildfire watched as Rowena’s astral signature faded, leaving her physical body completely dead. They thanked their spirits as they the spirits faded away. Then they returned to the team to give them the good news. The runners stealthed back to Brick’s Ares Roadmaster and they took off. Brick drove a convoluted path back to Kus’s doss more out of habit than an awareness of any real pursuit.

The runners figured that Seattle was too hot for them now and decided to find work elsewhere, especially now that they had an international fixer buddy. They liquidated their vehicles and property and set out for a vacation in the Caribbean League the next day for a much needed rest before planning their next move.

Karma: 1 (for the previous write up)

Official Kill/Knock Out Stats:

Wildfire 2
Smokey 1 (Rowena)
Brick, Kus, Whip, Tool: 0

Game Summary 12/1/16
Chimera dealt with…Rowena you’re next!

The runners drove a circuitous route to the Redmond Barrens looking for a good place with a little privacy to question their prisoners. Wildfire took inventory of the equipment that they took off their attackers; 2 Barret Model 121 heavy sniping rifles with a couple of clips of ammunition each, 2 suits of human sized heavy security armor with helmets, an Ares Antioch grenade launcher with 16 high explosive grenades, and a high tech camouflage suit that makes the wearer appear like moss on the astral. Kus quickly snatched the Barret ammo for his sniping rifle while Smokey and Whip, being the only humans on the team, each took a suit of the security armor.

After driving around for an hour the runners found an abandoned warehouse that looked promising. They pulled the truck in and off loaded the prisoners. Tool chained up the two unconscious prisoners in very uncomfortable positions while Wildfire levitated Cortez, still bound to a chair, from the truck. Tool gave Black Streak a bottle of water and a Growlie bar to munch on. Wildfire pulled Smokey out of earshot of the rest of the group and asked him to Mind Probe Black Streak while he distracted him. Smokey wasn’t excited at the prospect but Wildfire convinced him that it was necessary to make sure that Black Streak didn’t voluntarily betray them.

Wildfire walked over to Black Streak and asked him how he came to be a prisoner in that factory. He made sure that Black Streak’s back was to Smokey as he cast the Mind Probe spell. He explained that the sniper, Night Raven, was the leader of the group that grabbed him about two weeks prior. They kept him prisoner and forced him to call Wildfire to lure the runners back to Seattle and into a trap. He apologized for that and explained that they threatened to kill him if he didn’t cooperate. His observation was that Night Raven was the professional behind the plan and the others were just hired guns. Wildfire told him that he understood and was sorry that he ended up in that position.

Wildfire confirmed with Smokey that Black Streak had been telling the truth. He went back to Black Streak and asked him what was next. Black Streak said that he was going to have to move his base of operations and get back in touch with his contacts. Wildfire thanked him for his help and gave him 10K nuyen to help him get reestablished.

Smokey and Wildfire approached Cortez. Wildfire asked Smokey to mind probe him to find out why he ordered the hit on his brother Rapid and if anyone else was involved. Before casting the Mind Probe spell on him, Smokey took a moment to analyze Cortez’s astral aura. He wanted to make sure that Cortez wasn’t under the influence of some Aztecnology spell that would cause his head to explode under probing like that yakuza’s head had. Satisfied that Cortez didn’t have any spells on him, Smokey cast the Mind Probe spell but was only able to read his surface thoughts. Cortez’s mind was swirling, never remaining focused on any one thing for more than a second due to the mage mask. Smokey, his mind also reeling, cancelled the spell and informed Wildfire of the results. Wildfire pulled off the mage mask and asked Smokey to try again.

Smokey recast the Mind Probe spell and again was only able to gain access to Cortez’s surface thoughts. He informed Wildfire of that and explained that Cortez must have an unusually strong will to be able to resist the spell.

Wildfire stood in front of Cortez and asked him, “Why did you have Rapid killed?”

Cortez replied, “Who the hell is Rapid?”

Wildfire growled in frustration as he pulled out his pocket secretary. He punched a few buttons and showed Cortez a picture. Cortez stared at the picture for a moment before recognition dawned on his face.

“So that’s what this is all about? Some dead guy nobody cared about? I thought this was about some other corp trying to get Aztechnology secrets out of me.”

“I cared about him. He was important to me. Now tell me why you ordered him killed.”

“He was on the list.”

“What list?”

“The hit list. The list of people Aztechnology wants dead. Listen kid, every corp has a hit list of people that they want dead. They don’t advertise it, but they put the word out to gather information on the people on the list. When they find one of them they send a team out to whack ‘em. It’s not personal, it’s just biz.”

Wildfire took a few seconds to bring his temper under control before saying, “So that’s what happened to Rapid? He was on Aztech’s list? How did you find him?”

“Yeah he was on the list. I didn’t find him, a guy named Francisco Rodriguez spotted him and tailed him. He found out where he was living and who he was running with and then sold that information to me. Rodriguez heard about a run that Rapid was going on, so I put Sonjay and Karage on it. They set up on the way out after the runners entered the target to make sure that Rapid wouldn’t make it out and everyone would blame it on the target’s security.”

“Why was Rapid on the list in the first place?”

“Listen kid, the corp big wigs don’t feel the need to explain themselves to the lower ranks. They put someone on the list for whatever reason and the lower echelons rush to do their bidding. Maybe this Rapid screwed the wrong guy’s daughter, or stole some data from the corp. I don’t know.”

Wildfire pulled his Savalette Guardian out and meaningfully looked from the gun to Cortez. “I advise you to think harder about why he was on the list.”

Sweat was beading on Cortez’s forehead as he looked up and to the left. Wildfire recognized that as a sign that he was trying to remember so he decided to be generous and give him a minute. When Cortez still hadn’t said anything after a minute, Wildfire pointed his gun at the ceiling and watched as the click of the hammer being thumbed back drew Cortez’s gaze back from the heavens. Wildfire looked him in the eyes and said, “Tempus Fugit.”

Cortez mumbled, “Wait, just wait.” With more conviction he stated, “I’m not positive but I think I do remember something about this guy. I remember hearing something about him helping someone escape from the corp. Yeah, that’s it. He helped someone to escape from Aztechnology that the corp wanted, so his name went on the list. That’s all I know about it, honest”

Wildfire looked at Smokey to see if Cortez was telling the truth. Smokey gave him a solemn nod and stepped back. Wildfire ejected the clip of APDS ammo from his gun and racked out the round in the chamber, placing back in the clip. He reached into his coat and pulled out a clip of EX explosive ammo, loading it into the gun. He looked Cortez in his widened eyes as he jacked the first round into the chamber.

Cortez blurted, “You can’t seriously still be pissed about some piece of shit that died over a year ago!”

Wildfire slowly pointed his gun at Cortez’s head and said, “Why don’t you ask Rodriguez, Sonjay and Karage how pissed I was when I caught up with them? You’re going to have that opportunity very shortly.”

“Wait, that was you? I heard about them. I thought that they were just killed during the regular course of biz. They were small time, it was only a matter of time before they crossed the wrong person. I’m not small time like them. I’m a valued member of Aztechnology. The corp will send people to look for me. I have resources; my own and access to corp resources. We can still make a deal. I can offer you a lot of money, just to let me go. You get paid and I will fade away. I’ll move to a different country, a different continent and you’ll never see me again. Do we have a deal?”

“I don’t care about your position with Aztechnology or your money. Rapid was my brother and I loved him very much. Still do. I’ll tell you what, I’ll make a deal with you. If you can bring him back to life right here and now I’ll let you go. Deal? No? Then go to Hell!” As he finished speaking he fired a three round burst into Cortez’s head. Blood and brains splashed everywhere as the explosive bullets did their job. All he could think of was that his brother had died because he had helped Wildfire escape from Aztechnology. If his brother hadn’t taken him in after his escape then he would still be alive today. He didn’t know how to process or cope with that and stood staring as blood slowly dripped to the floor from the headless corpse.

Smokey quickly moved away from Cortez’s lifeless husk and found a place to sit down. He was a little fatigued from the spell and disconcerted from the execution. He was also a little freaked out at the way Wildfire stood there, gun in hand, and just stared at Cortez’s corpse. He looked away and decided to take some time to rest before questioning the unconscious mercenaries.

After an hour Smokey roused himself. He noticed that Wildfire was still staring at the corpse and approached him cautiously. “Hey chummer, you okay omae?”

Wildfire shook himself as if emerging from cold water and said, “What?”

“I said are you okay chummer?”

“No, but it’s nothing that going to fix itself anytime soon.”

“I was hoping to mind probe the other prisoners, but they’re still unconscious. Do you think that you can wake them up for me?”

“Yeah, okay, back to biz.” Wildfire holstered his Guardian and crossed to the first chained up prisoner. He cast an Awaken spell on him then walked away again lost in his own thoughts. Tool stepped forward and started questioning him. At first the thug seemed rather reticent, but that changed when Kus snickered and informed him that he’d better be more helpful than the guy tied to the chair, pointing his thumb in Cortez’s direction. One glance at the headless corpse and he became positively chatty.

Between questioning the mercs, matrix searches and running down contacts for information, the runners figured out that Night Raven was the Chimera operative that whacked the old Don. The runners were seen as a complication that wasn’t going to go away, so they needed to be dealt with. Since it was her hit, Night Raven was tasked with eliminating the runners and would not be welcomed back into Chimera until they were taken care of. She hired some fodder and a group of mercs to help her. Her plan was to lure them into the factory, bottle them up with the mercs and then snipe them one at a time from the catwalk in her stealth suit while they dealt with the fodder and mercs. Apparently her plan did not have a contingency for Smokey locating her in the catwalks with a Detect Enemies spell and Whip’s tender administrations.

The runners also determined that Chimera would likely consider the matter closed, since Night Raven was a dead end, and there was now nothing to tie them to the hit on the Don. With Chimera no longer gunning for them, the runners decided to focus on finishing their business with Rowena.

Tool did some matrix searches on Rowena, the Seattle mob and the mob war with the yakuza. He determined that the mob war was still ongoing with no clear winner yet. Rowena was still in town, but she rarely left the Finnegan mansion.

The runners discussed what to do with the two unconscious prisoners. They all agreed that they shouldn’t let the prisoners go right away because they might tell or sell the information that the runners were back in town, thus warning Rowena. They wanted to keep the element of surprise as long as possible. One or two of the runners thought that it would be most expedient to permanently silence the prisoners, but the rest vetoed that idea by saying that they were only doing the job that they had been contracted for, and were very unlikely to come after the runners since there was no paycheck in it.

Tool called Radek and arranged for some babysitters to watch the prisoners for a couple of days. Tool specified that the prisoners were to be released unharmed when he notified the babysitters. Radek informed them that it would take six hours to set up. In the meantime Wildfire astrally projected and checked out the Finnegan mansion.

He noted that things seemed to be quiet there, with no spirits, watchers or wards in evidence. Wildfire scanned the exterior of the property, noting guard positions and defenses before proceeding into the mansion. He mapped out the mansion, noting where each person was. He recognized Rowena’s aura in the basement, conferring with two other people. Wildfire returned to the warehouse and sketched out the grounds and each level of the mansion for the team.

Once Radek’s babysitters left with the prisoners, the runners drove to a position a few blocks from the Finnegan mansion and started discussing the merits of various plans to get into the mansion and get Rowena.

Karma 1 (for the previous write up)

Official Kill/Knock Out Stats:

Brick, Kus, Whip, Smokey, Tool, Wildfire: 0

Summary 11/17/16
Recipe for a Clusterf*ck

Brick waited behind cover on the west side of the warehouse floor. He kept his eyes on the doors as his hands automatically reloaded his Ingram Smartgun. Kus did the same from the east side of the warehouse floor.

Whip, up on the catwalk standing over the bloody heap that used to be the Chimera sniper, used the runners’ tactical comm to let the group know that she was searching for the roof hatch.

Wildfire double checked to make sure that Manuel Cortez was safely under cover from the main doors. He didn’t come all this way to get Cortez to let him die before he got his answers. He pulled out his mage mask and put it on Cortez, then activated his spell lock to start levitating up to the catwalks. He commed Whip that he could heal her wound if she found him.

Smokey dropped the Improved Invisibility spell that he had been maintaining on himself and cast an Armor spell on Brick.

The Chimera flunkies fired another IR smoke grenade into each of the inner warehouse doors to cover their advance. Three very hazy figures in security armor moved from the outer foyer into the inner foyer and each ppeared to be carrying something bulky. Brick’s ultrasound sight picked them up and he fired two 3 round bursts of EX explosive ammo from his Smartgun into one of the figures. The flunky dodged the first burst but the second burst caught him squarely, giving him a serious wound.
Kus could barely see the figures through the IR smoke, even with his custom Zeiss cybereyes. He fired two 3 round bursts of Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot (APDS) ammo into the wounded enemy, finishing him off.

The remaining two flunkies moved forward between the two doors out of Brick and Kus’s sight for a moment. When they reappeared they were high-tailing it back out towards the front door and didn’t appear to have the bulky objects anymore.

Smokey’s great form spirit materialized in the inner foyer and prepared to attack the two interlopers before they could clear the inner room. Before it could attack, three bad guys waiting in the outer foyer opened up on it with bursts from their FN HAR assault rifles. The rounds tore through the spirit, disrupting it. Smokey moved to a ladder on the east side of the warehouse and climbed up to the catwalk. As he climbed he called out and commanded his hearth spirit to open the roof hatch.

Brick called out, “Breaching charge between the doors” and moved to the ladder in the southwest corner and climbed up to the catwalk.

Tool moved from cover to cover to back of the warehouse as Whip met Wildfire up on the catwalk. Wildfire cast a Heal spell on her, curing all of her wounds. Whip had noticed some added hardware on the roof hatch when she had run by it, so she grabbed the floating Wildfire and moved him further east, away from the roof hatch, as he healed her.

Kus ran back through the warehouse to where Black Streak and Cortez were waiting under cover. He told Black Streak to climb the nearest ladder to the catwalk and the fixer hurried to comply, glad to have some direction amid the chaos. Brick moved south along the catwalk, away from the main doors.

Wildfire cast an Improved Invisibility spell on Whip. She pulled him over to the east side of the warehouse catwalk toward the southernmost large window.

Smokey’s hearth spirit materialized next to the roof hatch and opened it. The resulting explosion destroyed the spirit and made a sizable hole in the roof. Smokey, safely removed from the bomb radius, moved to the middle window on the east wall and checked it for traps or bombs.

Whip opened the window next to her and dropped through it to the ground outside, lightly injuring herself in the process.

It looked to Wildfire that the team would either be leaving through the windows or the roof, so he decided to bring Cortez up to the catwalk. He cast a Levitation spell on Cortez’s chair, sweating under the strain of maintaining the invisibility on Whip. Cortez was halfway to the catwalk when Kus turned from the doors, saw Cortez floating up and fired a three round burst of ADPS ammo into him, giving him a mortal wound.

Wildfire yelled, “What the hell did you do that for?!”

Kus responded, “I thought he was trying to get away.”

“Get away?! Are you fucking kidding me?! He’s tied to a chair and wearing a mage mask!”

“Well I thought he might be a mage.”

“You thought he was a mage casting a spell while tied to a chair and wearing a mage mask? Seriously?!”

“Yeah. Why didn’t you tell me that you were moving him?”

“Because I never in million years thought that you would shoot a helpless prisoner tied to a chair and wearing a mage mask. Especially since you’ve seen me levitate people and things dozens of times and most of the team has already moved up to the catwalks.”

“Well you should have told me. It’s too late now.”

Wildfire muttered something inaudible but most likely derogatory under his breath as the bleeding Cortez landed on the catwalk next to him. He was determined that Cortez wouldn’t die before he found out why the bastard ordered the hit on his brother Rapid. He knew that Cortez’s wound would kill him quickly and that he would need all of his mojo for a Heal spell. He felt a moment of anguish as he dropped the Improved Invisibility spell on Whip, knowing that she had already been wounded once on this run and hoping that she wouldn’t be a sitting duck out there. He summoned up all of his power and cast a Hel spell on Cortez, healing some of his wounds and keeping the Grim Reaper at bay, for the time being. As soon as the Heal spell was done he leaned out the window and saw Whip running up the side of the building to the front. She was still in range so he cast a Physical Camouflage spell on her. While it was not as good as invisibility, it would make her shape blurry and help it blend in with the background.

Kus moved to the nearest ladder and moved up to the catwalk. Brick opened the middle window on the west wall.

Everyone’s head snapped toward the front of the warehouse as the breaching charge went off. A large hole appeared in the wall between the doors as debris was flung into the room. Regular smoke joined the IR smoke and the burning white phosphorus in the air.

Kus couldn’t see anyone through all of the smoke, but decided to fire a couple of three round welcome presents through the new door to say hello to the neighbors and let them know that the runners hadn’t forgotten them. After a short pause, Brick said what the hell and added his two cents by hosing the breach with a full auto burst.

Whip rounded the front corner of the building and saw three bad guys facing the warehouse. She updated the rest of the team via their tactical comm as one of the three noticed her. He called and motioned to the others and pointed at her. She knew if she tried running back around the side of the warehouse she would never make it to the far end before they came around the corner and lit her up, so she sprinted across the street and found cover behind another building.

Kus dropped off of the catwalk to the floor. He landed on his feet, dropped into a roll as smoothly as only someone with Enhanced Articulation could and came up heading for the new front door.

Wildfire told Black Streak to drag Cortez’s chair to the rear of the warehouse catwalks by the southeast ladder and wait for them. Black Streak grabbed the chair and started dragging. Meanwhile Wildfire floated on the catwalks toward the front of the building to get a better angle on anyone coming through the breach.

Smokey activated a spell lock and levitated himself up to the roof.

Whip alerted the runners that two flunkies have emerged from the warehouse and they and the other group of three are leap-frogging each other down the street to the west.

Kus was a cybernetically enhanced blur as he sprinted from the back of the warehouse to the breach.

One of the bad guys saw Whip leaning out from behind cover and shot her with two 3 round bursts from his FN HAR assault rifle. Whip managed to dodge one burst, but took a light wound from the other. Another thug saw Brick through the west window and fired at him but missed. Brick returned fire at two of the flunkies but they managed to dodge both bursts.

Wildfire began floating from the east side of the warehouse to the west side while Smokey floated across the roof to the front of the building. Brick and the thugs kept exchanging fire through the window, but between the movement and cover neither side hit anything.

Kus reached the breach and charged through it and the smoke, heading for the front door.

Whip decided to run behind the building that she was using for cover in an attempt to flank the enemy. When she made it halfway down the building the camouflage spell dissipated as she reached the limit of Wildfire’s range.

Wildfire landed on the west side catwalk and opened the window in front of him. He located their enemies and realized that they were almost out of sight.

On the roof, Smokey cast detect enemies, but didn’t locate any in range.

Tool told Black Streak to take Cortez to the nearest ladder to prepare to evac and climbed the ladder to help him. Wildfire called out over the comm to remember to get gather the bad guys’ gear, especially the sniper rifles and the funky camo suit the sniper was wearing.

Brick continued to exchange fire with the retreating enemies to no avail.

Wildfire looked out the window at the departing flunkies. The group of three had already disappeared around the corner of a building, but the group of two was still barely visible behind cover. Wildfire knew that they would be hard to reach behind cover, so he took a moment to center himself. He drew in a deep breath, sharpened his focus, and cast a Stunball spell at the distant enemies, dropping them both unconscious.

The runners hurriedly searched their opponents’’ bodies for intel and gear. They secured their three prisoners and threw them into the truck. Smokey and Wildfire were the last ones out. Wildfire commanded one of his fire elementals to burn all of the dead bodies in the building to ash while Smokey cast Sterilize repeatedly throughout the building, paying special attention to any bloodstains.

The runners left the scene before any Lone Star sirens could be heard. Wildfire looked forward to a little quiet time with Manuel Cortez but knew that there was some healing and other biz that needed to be done first.

Karma 3 (1 for winning the fight, one for the write up, and 1 for something Patrick said that was spot on)

Official Kill/Knock-Out Stats

Wildfire 2
Kus 1
Brick, Whip, Smokey, Tool 0

Game Summary 11/3/16
The runners cleverly spring Chimera's trap!

Game Summary 11/3/16

The runners cleverly spring a Chimera trap!

The runners booked a smuggler’s flight to Seattle. Once they were on the ground Wildfire called his fixer, Black Streak, for an update. He told Wildfire that Manuel Cortez had been snatched by another runner team, but he had followed them to a deserted factory in a rundown slum. Black Streak didn’t know how long they would be there so he recommended that the team hurry. Wildfire told the others and they decided to go straight to the warehouse. They quickly rented a van and moved out. On the way to the warehouse the runners checked their gear and Tool put on his heavy security armor.

When they arrived at the factory they didn’t see Black Streak so Wildfire tried calling him but it went straight to voicemail. Smokey summoned a great form spirit while Wildfire astrally projected to recon the warehouse. Wildfire counted nine bad guys and two prisoners tied to chairs. He expanded his search to a few blocks around the warehouse to make sure that their enemies didn’t have any back up. The only living things that he found in that radius were large patches of moss in an alleyway.

Wildfire returned to the team and sketched out a map of the interior with the enemy positions. The runners weren’t sure if this was just some random runner team that snatched Cortez as part of their own biz or if they were specifically targeting Cortez to lure them into a trap. If the other runners were doing their own biz then the team would try to negotiate with them to get Cortez and Black Streak, but if they were targeting the team then they would go in guns blazing. Smokey cast a Detect Enemies spell and focused on the warehouse, knowing that the spell would only detect people that had hostile intent for him specifically. Sure enough, the metahumans in the warehouse had definitely set a trap for Smokey and his friends, but they had bit off more than they could chew this time.

The runners drove around the warehouse and noticed that there was only one door in, so their quarry wouldn’t get the chance to escape. There were some windows in the front of the building. The runners carefully peered in through those windows and saw that the outer door lead to a foyer with a reception desk and another large door. The inner wall also had some windows and through them the runners could see an office area with several desks and a water cooler. Periodically a guard would walk by the windows in the inner office. The runners decided to start with him and then quickly enter and put down any resistance.

Kus pulled out his sniping rifle and screwed the sound suppressor on while Wildfire cast Improved Invisibility on himself and then called his elementals to him on the astral. The rest of the runners stacked up on either side of the outer door while Kus aimed through two sets of windows, waiting for his target to walk into view. Smokey cast a Silence spell in the street and moved it cover the windows and the inner office. The target walked into Kus’s view for a split second which was all it took for Kus to blow his head off. The runners heard the loud cough of the suppressed rifle outside, but no tinkling of glass, no head exploding, not even a thud of a body hitting the floor because of the Silence spell.

Smokey moved the silence spell back to cover the outer door and then Brick opened it soundlessly. Brick entered and made a hand gesture for the others to follow while Kus slung his sniping rifle on his back and pulled out his Ingram Smartgun. The runners advanced to the inner door and opened it under the cover of the Silence spell, confident that surprise was still on their side.

The first thing that they saw when they entered the inner office was the headless body of Kus’s handiwork. Tool recognized the red light on his chest as a bio monitor showing a clear indicator that he was dead. Still in the Silence spell, Tool frantically waved his arms and pointed at the bio monitor. Smokey dropped the Silence spell and Tool told the team that their surprise was blown.

This inner office had two large doors opening into the warehouse proper. Kus, Whip and Smokey lined up by the left hand door while Brick Tool and Wildfire lined up by the other. Smokey cast Improved Invisibility on himself as Whip opened the inner door and took cover.

Kus entered the warehouse and fired a couple of three round bursts into the first flunky he saw, killing him.

Brick opened the other door and spied three flunkies in his line of sight. He lifted his brand new cyberarm with its integral Ingram Smartgun and fired a ten round full auto burst at them. The EX explosive ammunition shredded the first two targets and lightly wounded the third.

Whip ran forward and cut a flunky in half with her monofilament whip focus.

Wildfire, still invisible, entered the warehouse and headed straight for the prisoners.

Smokey, also invisible, entered the warehouse with his Ruger Super Warhawk in hand, looking for targets.

Kus finished off the wounded flunky and snickered as the master bio monitor unit fell from his lifeless fingers. He then sprinted further into the warehouse to look for more targets.

Whip ran over to the two prisoners. She figured anyone could pull out a knife and cut Black Streak loose, but she wanted to do it with some style. She told him to hold still as she arched her monofilament whip back over her shoulder. Black Streak, his knuckles white as he gripped the chair’s arms, only had time to shout, “What?!” through his gag and squirt a little pee into his boxer briefs before the whip came hurtling forward to strike his bonds.

Brick worked his way around a pillar and some bins and found another flunky. He fired two three round bursts of EX explosive into him and sent him straight to hell.

Wildfire made it to the prisoners and was careful to steer well clear of Whip. He called out to Black Streak to let him know that Wildfire and his friends were there to save him. Black Streak took his eyes off Whip for a second while she was winding up for another strike. He looked wildly around trying to figure out where the voice was coming from, but failing that, his eyes locked on Whip again as her arm shot forward.

Tool ran up to Manuel Cortez, removed his gag and asked him, “Are you booby trapped?” Cortez’s dazed reply was, “Huh?”

As Kus rounded a pillar a flunky was lying in wait for him. The flunky, hunched behind a large bin, fired two three round bursts from his FN HAR assault rifle causing Kus to stagger, but his layered armor did its job and saved him. Kus decided to return the flunky’s love with interest, firing two three round bursts at the partially hidden flunky. The first burst ricocheted off the bin but the second burst moderately wounded him.

Whip’s whip flash forward and finished off the bonds on Black Streak’s right hand. She shifted her stance to take aim at his left hand. Black Streak hurriedly pulled the gag out of his mouth and held up his hand, palm toward Whip. Words came rushing out of his mouth, “thank you so much, but I’ll get the rest of them. Really, thank you, thank you!”

Whip replied, “eh, suit yourself.” She began looking around for the other runners while absently flicking her whip back and forth. Once she turned away Black Streak let out a deep breath and sagged a little in his chair. Then he started working on the restraints on his left hand.

As Brick came out from behind a large bin, a flunky opened fire on him with a FN HAR. Brick stumbled as the first three round burst gave him a light wound, but his armor stopped the second burst. Brick returned fire and killed the little prick.

Smokey, still invisible, ran up to the wounded flunky Kus had just shot, being careful not to stand between him and Kus. He cast Mind Probe on the flunky, but the strain of keeping up his Invisibility spell caused the Mind Probe to fail. A second later Kus finished the flunky off.

Tool asked Cortez again if he was booby-trapped. Cortez replied, “Not that I know of.”

Black Streak finished freeing himself from the chair and Wildfire cast a Heal spell on him. Wildfire told him that the nine bad guys inside the warehouse were down and asked if there were any more. Black Streak informed him that there were at least six more guys that he knew of, but he didn’t know where they were. He said that they might be outside the warehouse.

Smokey cast a Detect Enemies spell and informed the runners that he detected a half dozen enemies outside the front door and one above them. Suddenly, two near simultaneous explosions rocked the inner room just outside the two warehouse doors causing all of the runners to turn toward them. A second later IR smoke filled the same room and the runners realized the true assault was just about to kick off, and that this time they were the ones in the dead end building with only one way out.

Brick moved to the left behind a pillar, reloaded his arm and covered the left hand door. Kus moved to the right and covered the right hand door. Whip found a ladder up to the catwalks and began to climb. Wildfire grabbed Cortez’s chair and dragged it behind the nearest pillar. He was determined that Cortez wouldn’t die until he found out why he ordered the hit on his brother Rapid. Smokey took cover behind a nearby pillar while Tool pulled out his MGL-6 grenade launcher and changed clips. Tool then used his smartlink to cybernetically link to the range finder in the MGL-6 and detonated a white phosphorous grenade in each of the two inner doorways as a little door prize for their latest guests. Tool figured that with the IR smoke in the air the party crashers wouldn’t realize that the willie-peter was hanging in the air until they walked through it. He was looking forward to the screams.

Smokey told his great form spirit to use its confusion power on their enemies as they entered this room. He then summoned a hearth spirit.

Brick activated his ultrasound vision and kept scanning the outer room through the left doorway for a target in the IR smoke while Kus fired a few random bursts of suppressive fire through the other doorway.

Whip made it to the catwalks and began searching for the hidden enemy up there. The professional killer, hidden in a very high tech camouflage suit, took careful aim and shot Whip with her Barret 121 heavy sniping rifle. Whip fell to one knee and looked down at the hole in her chest. Pain stabbed outward from the hole, but she figured that she wasn’t dead yet. The pain galvanized her into action and seriously pissed her off. She rose to her feet and looked up in fury and saw the female sniper further down the catwalk. Whip’s pupils practically burst into flames as she swore that that bitch was going to die. She vowed that she would personally whip that bitch into pieces.

The rest of the runners heard the shot up in the catwalks and looked up. Brick could barely see the sniper through the catwalk, girders and camouflage suit, but he took a chance and fired two three round bursts at her. The first burst missed but the second burst gave her a light wound.

Kus, Smokey and Tool could not see the sniper from their vantage point. Wildfire could barely see her and cast a Stun Bolt at her, giving her a serious stun wound.

Whip raced through the catwalks and attacked the sniper with her monofilament whip. The sniper dropped her rifle to defend herself, but still ended up with a serious wound. She attempted to counter attack Whip, but failed miserably as Whip took her head off and smiled as the sniper’s blood splashed across her face.

Karma: 1 (for the previous write up)

Official Kill/Knock Out Stats:

Brick 4
Kus 4
Whip 2
Wildfire, Smokey, Tool 0

Game Summary 10/20/16
The runners save the entire metahuman race!!!

“I wish to possess the Gem of Knowledge,” Lofwyr said. “Give it to me and I will give you each anything you desire,” after a short pause he added, “within reason. Think on that, you could have your hearts’ desire.”

Wildfire looked Lofwyr in his enormous eyes and immediately said, “I want my brother Rapid back.”

Lofwyr returned his gaze and replied, “I said within reason. I cannot bring back the dead. But I could help you enact vengeance on the responsible parties.” Wildfire looked away and thought that somehow Lofwyr would probably think that ripping Aztechnology down to its roots and freeing all of their prisoners and metahuman slaves would also not be ‘within reason’.

The runners’ imagination ran wild. Lofwyr was the richest, most powerful dragon in the world, so he could very well grant what he promised. Thoughts and dreams swirled in their minds…mountains of money that a hundred people couldn’t possibly spend in a hundred lifetimes…retiring to a private island with a mansion and a staff to indulge your every whim…access to deltaware clinics and the nuyen to get delta grade cyberware and cultured bioware…access to magical libraries, closely guarded arcane knowledge and items beyond belief…all of it could be theirs if they betrayed their client Hestaby.

The runners told Lofwyr that they would need a moment to discuss this amongst themselves and then moved back through the arch behind them for privacy.

Once they were out of earshot, Kus said, “This is it, the brass ring. Anything we want. Anyone thinking of taking him up on it?” He glanced around the circle of runners and no one jumped at the chance.

Whip stated, “I’m not betraying our employer, no matter what he offers.” There were grunts of agreement from some of the other runners.

Smokey spoke up, “I’m concerned about Lofwyr’s intentions toward what he thinks of as the ‘lesser’ races like us. Earlier in the metaplanes he appeared and said that the dragons were going to wipe out the younger races. Maybe that was just part of the metaplanes testing us, or maybe that is what he really wants to do. I don’t want to have any part in helping him add to his power or complete his plans.”

“On the other hand,” Wildfire said, “do we want to risk royally pissing him off by thwarting him? I hear dragons can get bitey when they’re upset.”

“Hestaby told us that he can’t hurt us directly,” Tool stated.

“As I recall,” Wildfire replied, “she said that none of the other dragons could directly hurt us or directly intervene during the contest. As soon as we hand the Gem of Knowledge to one of the dragons the contest is over. Hestaby never said that she would protect us forever and Lofwyr never said that he wouldn’t seek vengeance after the contest was over. They’re dragons, they probably never gave much thought as to what happens to the pawns after the game was over. But I bet that one wave of Lofwyr’s claw and we’d all become a small footnote in history, assuming anyone ever hears about what we did here in the metaplanes.” He slowly looked around the circle of his teammates’ faces and saw their expressions of deep concern.

Smokey cleared his throat, “I still say that if there is even a minuscule chance that Lofwyr is thinking about destroying the other races then we can’t give him the Gem. Raccoon would agree that our lives aren’t worth that risk.”

Kus chimed in, “Well, we know the upsides and the downsides. A carrot big enough that all of us together couldn’t consume it all in a lifetime; a stick that’ll likely pound us into the ground until we’re all six feet deep. Either way we risk the wrath of at least one dragon and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Did I miss anything?” He looked at the other runners. “Sounds like we need to take a vote.”

Whip blurted out, “I already told you how I’m voting. I won’t betray our employer.”

Smokey said, “Like I said before, I vote no to Lofwyr. It’s too risky and the wrong thing to do, even if it kills us.”

Kus looked up, “Ah, to hell with him. I vote no too. I would love delta wired reflexes and some cultured bioware, but I’ll earn it on my own, by my rules, and I won’t owe anything to some overgrown wrym.”

Brick added, “The same goes for me.”

Tool smiled, “Who wouldn’t want to be the heroes that saved all of metahumanity? Lofwyr can kiss our ass. I might even make up some commemorative team t-shirts! Maybe something like, ‘I saved the world from the Dragon Apocalypse! And you only get to see this stupid t-shirt.’” Upon hearing his team’s groans he replied, “Fine, we can work on the slogan later; you know, if we live.”

The runners turned to Wildfire. He said, “The only thing that Lofwyr could possibly tempt me with was bringing back my brother. Since he can’t do that he can go to Hell. I’ll get the man responsible for Rapid’s death by myself if I have to. And I’ll rip Aztechnology down brick by brick to free their slaves and prisoners by myself if that’s what it takes. We get to save the world and not betray our employer; sounds like a win-win to me. Let’s do it.”

The runners went back through the archway to stand before Lofwyr. They respectfully declined his offer and watched his face transform as his eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped. He couldn’t seem to understand how they could turn down the promise of their hearts’ desire. He tried offering them more; more money, more power, more of everything. They listened patiently to him and when he finally paused, trying to decide what else to offer them, they let him know that their minds were made up and that the subject was closed as far as they were concerned.

Smokey took a few steps toward the Gem of Knowledge, but stopped short at the baleful glare that Lofwyr gave him. There was a tense moment of silence before Wildfire said, “Screw it chummers, he can only kill us once.” Wildfire sprinted forward and grabbed the Gem of Knowledge with both hands.

The Citadel faded away, replaced by endless darkness, lit only by the Gem in Wildfire’s hands. The runners floated there for an indeterminate time and then appeared on a mountain plateau. The plateau was surrounded by snow-capped peaks under a clear sky.

Arrayed in a circle around the plateau were a dozen or so dragons; eastern, western and even feathered serpents. The runners recognized enough of them from their adventures and the trid to know that they were all great dragons. Hestaby was closest to the team, sitting on her haunches with her wings folded against her back. She turned her head to look at them and they noticed that she was glowing with a multicolored light. The runners looked around and saw that the other dragons and even the runners themselves were surrounded by an aura of multicolored light.

The dragons looked up as the golden form of Lofwyr appeared overhead. He glided silently down to his place in the circle. The other dragons bowed their heads to him in greeting. He glanced around at the other dragons before rearing up to his full height. The runners felt something in the air that they didn’t understand. They thought that it might be some kind of communication between the dragons. One by one the dragons dropped their heads into a low bow and kept them there until only four heads remained up. Ghostwalker, Alamais, Hestaby, and Lofwyr looked at each other until Alamais almost sheepishly lowered his head. Ghostwalker’s head followed, his expression cold and unreadable. Hestaby then bowed her head and Lofwyr reared up, spreading his wings.

Hestaby rose up and spread her wings. The runners suddenly found themselves in the center of the ring of dragons, standing before Hestaby.

“Orange Queen,” Lofwyr said. “Why have you brought these outsiders to our council?”

Hestaby lifted her head in a defiant gesture. “It is my right,” she replied, “and they are instrumental in settling this matter once and for all.”

“Now,” Hestaby’s thought voice said in the runners’ heads. “Present the Jewel.” Wildfire walked forward and presented the Gem of Knowledge to Hestaby. She took the glowing crimson gemstone in one claw, lifting it for the assembled dragons to see.

“Behold,” she said. “The essence of the Jewel of Memory, the lore and knowledge of the dragonkind made manifest. It lies in my grasp and is now mine by right, according to our ways.”

There was a long moment of silence as a flurry of thought messages similar to the ones that the runners had felt earlier flew around the circle of dragons. One by one the dragons bowed their heads toward Hestaby until only Lofwyr was still standing. He slowly lowered his head toward Hestaby.

Hestaby moved toward Lofwyr with the glowing Jewel held in both her claws. She gently placed it on the ground before him. Lofwyr lifted his head slightly and the other dragons glance at each other in confusion.

“You have been a good caretaker of this, Gold-Master,” Hestaby said. “More importantly, Far-Scholar intended you to have it. So I return it to you. Guard it well.”

Lofwyr said nothing, but scooped the Jewel from the ground and held it in his claws while Hestaby turned to the assembled dragons.

“This contest is done, but I will not claim the title of Lore-Master. As I have maintained from the beginning, it is time for us to change our ways. Far-Scholar showed us a beginning, a new path to follow where we exist in cooperation with the Young Races and take our places in this new Age that has grown up around us. I embrace this new path, and I encourage you all to do likewise. We can all be Lore-Masters and share our insight with others, learning from them in turn. As such I declare that the dispersal of Far-Scholar’s hoard shall stand as he intended it. We will respect and honor his memory, and I hope that we will not forget his vision for us as well.”

At the end of Hestaby’s speech, the runners saw the plateau fade to black and suddenly found themselves back in their bodies, lying on couches in Hestaby’s lair. Radek was there with their payment; one million nuyen each on certified credsticks. He also offered them a private plane ride to their choice of destination anywhere in the world.

The runners talked over their destination. They wanted to be far from Seattle to keep Rowena guessing. They needed it to be somewhere urban because they needed access to cyber and bio clinics and magical research centers. Someone suggested Berlin, but that was quickly shot down as it was Lofwyr’s backyard and no one wanted to tempt fate. Ditto for Aden and the Middle East.

They decided that London fit the bill and left immediately. Once in London they found good accommodations and took some time to rest and relax. The street samurais found clinics and made appointments for cyberware and bioware upgrades. Tool cleaned and repaired the team’s gear and shopped for additional electronic goodies. Whip found a good dojo and worked out in between giving money to charitable causes and room service/spa treatments. Smokey made a local lodge and did some spell research in between trading drinks for stories with the local shamans. Wildfire gave away a lot of money to various metahumanity relief charities to generate good karma, while he improved some skills and summoned new elementals.

After about two months off R&R in London, Wildfire received a call from one of his Seattle fixers, Black Streak. He informed Wildfire that Manuel Cortez was in Settle right now and he didn’t know how long he would be in town for. Wildfire couldn’t wait to get his hands on Cortez, the man who ordered the hit on his brother Rapid. He contacted the other runners and asked them to go with him to Seattle to settle a couple of very important scores.

Karma 7: (for surviving the run, completing the metaplanes quest, making a good decision on the Gem, and for the previous write up)

Official Kill/Knock-Out Stats: N/A because in the metaplanes nothing is real.

Game Summary 9/8/16
The runners meet the dragon behind the curtain…

The runners arrived late to the rendezvous point and were forced to wait until the following day for pick up. They concealed themselves well in the periphery of the remains of Tehran and were able to successfully hide from its denizens. Radek met them on the Ares TR52 and they recounted their failure at retrieving the Shroud of Shadows because of the intervention of Aden the dragon. Radek did not seem to be disappointed and gave the runners the full 200K nuyen payment each.

Radek said that there was a change of plans. The runners needed to meet a Mr. Johnson in the California Free State as soon as possible. They took a series of aircraft culminating in a helicopter ride to Mount Shasta. As the helicopter came in for a landing on the same helipad that the runners had seen the great western dragon Hestaby fly off from not that long ago, some of the runners had a sinking feeling in their stomach. They wondered if Hestaby had finally found out that they were behind the Shasta Lodge run and if she was bringing them here to exact her revenge.

Radek brought the runners inside. They entered a meeting room with exquisite wall panel carvings and opulent furnishings. There was a gorgeous golden skinned and golden haired human woman seated on a luxurious divan. Radek introduced her as Hestaby, and she greeted the runners warmly. She had the runners sit as she explained that she and the other great dragons had been engaged in a series of trials between themselves. Each of the dragons had a team of champions doing their bidding. She informed the runners that she was the Johnson that hired them for the Shasta Lodge run, as a test of their prowess and also to make it appear that they were working for someone else. She was very impressed that the runners completed the run without killing any of her employees.

Since that run they had been working for her and she admitted that she was satisfied with their progress. She had expected them not to be able to remove the Shroud of Shadows, as she knew that Aden was watching over it. It had been left to him by Dunklezahn in his will, but Aden had refused ownership of it. When the runners had attempted to take it they had made Aden take ownership of the Shroud, which had been the point all along.

She told the runners that she had one more job for them, a quest on the metaplanes. For this run they would receive one million nuyen each. She needed them to gain access to the metaplanes and retrieve the “Jewel of Knowledge”, which would appear as an actual tangible jewel on the metaplanes. The runners stated that they had been on the metaplanes before and agreed to the run. She told them that time was of the essence and had them come with her into another room with six comfy couches arranged in a circle. She bid them lie down on the couches and clear their minds. She started chanting and the world quickly fell away from the runners. They were floating in darkness, surrounded by nothingness. Without any reference points direction and time were meaningless. After some indeterminate time each of them saw a light in the distance. As they each individually focused on the light it grew closer until they could see a circle of light with a figure in the center. As they each stepped into the circle of light the figure resolved itself into a knight in full armor kit with a two-handed sword slung over his back.

The figure asked why they had come. The runners responded that they had come seeking the Jewel of Knowledge. The knight waved his arm and a meter square wooden panel appeared, hovering in the air. He turned to Tool and the wooden panel resolved itself into a scene of a house with a small yard and a city in the background. The runners watched as Tool’s skin slowly turned brown and took on the appearance of wood. Tool disappeared and a miniature wooden Tool appeared on the left hand side of the panel. Other figures appeared on the right hand side of the panel. They moved toward and into the house through the front door. The figure of Tool moved toward, then behind the house. After several moments the figure of Tool reappeared from behind the house and moved to the right edge of the panel as the house blew up. The figure of Tool reappeared on the left edge of the panel as the panel scene changed to a cliff with a woman and child standing on the edge, facing away from Tool. Tool snuck up behind her to grab her. As he was about to grab her his 200K nuyen credstick from the last run slipped out of his pocket. Both the woman holding the child and the credstick started to fall over the edge of the cliff. Tool realized he can only save one, so he grabbed the woman and child. The panel went bank and Tool reappeared amongst the runners. The knight told him that he could pass and wished him good luck on his quest.

The knight turned to Whip. The panel now had a scene with an Asian man covered in colorful tattoos and an Asian woman in it. Whip turned to wood and disappeared as a baby appeared in the woman’s arms. The man and woman disappeared and the baby slowly morphed into Whip on the left side of the panel. On the right side of the panel two lines of words appeared. The first line read ‘frigid precious metal’ and the second line read ‘cold gold’. After Whip had read these lines they disappeared and a new line that read, ‘slender projectile shot from a bow’ appeared. Whip thought about it for a moment and then said, ‘narrow arrow’. The words appeared below the current line and then both lines were replaced by, ‘give sustenance to a horse’. Whip thought about it for a while and seemed at a loss. Wildfire called her name, but she couldn’t hear him because he was outside the carving. He waved at her to get her attention and then started mouthing words. It took her some time to follow what he was saying since she was not adept at reading lips, but she finally worked it out and said, ‘feed steed’. The words appeared on the right side of the panel for a moment before it blanked and Whip reappeared amidst the runners. The knight told her that she could pass and wished her good luck on her quest.

The knight turned to Wildfire as the panel changed to an Aztec pyramid. Wildfire disappeared as the figure of a miniature Wildfire appeared, stranded on top of the pyramid. Words appeared on the right side of the carving, “state the names of the four most powerful western dragons.” Wildfire thought about it for a moment and boldly stated, “Lofwyr, Hestaby, Ghostwalker and Aden.” The names appeared on the panel and then it blanked as Wildfire reappeared in front of the knight. The Gatekeeper told him that he could pass and wished him good luck on his quest.

The knight turned to Brick and the panel resolved itself into a male and female ork in corporate suits. Brick disappeared and an ork baby appeared in the female ork’s arms. The scene slowly changed as all three of the orks aged. When the baby had morphed into a preteen, the adult orks disappeared to be replaced by humans in corporate suits, attaching electrical leads and machines to the preteen’s head and body. The panel changed in ripples like a drop of water in a pond and on the left side was a fully grown Brick in his best armor and toting a light machine gun on a full body gyro mount. On the right side of the panel four silhouettes appeared along with the words, “only one chance”. Brick walked a fifteen round burst across all four targets, causing them to shatter as if they were made of glass. The panel cleared and Brick was back with the runners. The knight told him that he could pass and wished him good luck on his quest.

The knight turned to Smokey as the panel changed to a scene of a grassy hill with woods around its base. There was a giant rooster on the hill, scratching and pecking. The rooster turned and looked at Smokey as he approached from the left side of the panel. Suddenly a giant raccoon appeared and leapt onto the rooster, ripping its throat out and consuming it. It looked at Smokey and they walked off into the woods, hand in paw. The scene changed into a barren expanse with Smokey, gun in hand on one side and a giant wasp on the other. Smokey raised his hand and banished the spirit. The panel blanked and Smokey reappeared. The knight told him that he could pass and wished him good luck on his quest.

The knight turned to Kus as the panel changed to a dirty alley, filled with trash, dumpsters and bums. Kus entered, slit the bums’ throats and dragged them off one by one. The scene changed to a dimly lit room where Kus cut up the bum’s bodies and harvested their organs and any cyberware that they had. The scene changed again and Kus was naked, strapped to an operating table. A figure loomed over him and drove large spikes into his body. Kus survived the spikes being thrust into him (body test) and he reappeared as the panel disappeared. The knight told him that he could pass and wished him good luck on his quest.

The knight and the light winked out and the runners found themselves on a plateau surrounded by high peaks under a cloudy sky. They are surrounded by great dragons (Dunklezahn is not among them). A dragon that they recognized from the trid as Lofwyr stated that they had decided to destroy the younger races as they are a blight on the world, unless they can be convinced otherwise.

Whip said that if the dragons destroy the other races then they will have to return to the old ways of fighting each other directly instead of by proxy, which would lead to greater peril among the dragons.

Smokey said that it would not be fair or morally right to destroy entire races because of a few bad members.

Tool stated that if they kill the younger races then there will be no one left to build the things that the dragons covet, buildings, magical items, shiny baubles, etc.

Wildfire stated that he knew that dragons love gold and gems, and asked who would dig up them up once the lesser races were gone? Would the dragons deign to scrabble in the dirt with their claws for it? Who would do all of the dirty jobs that the dragons didn’t want to sully their claws with? How would the dragons pass the endless years without the lesser races to watch and manipulate for their amusement? He said that it sounded like an extremely boring eternity to him.

Lofwyr stated that the runners had given the dragons something to ponder before making their decision. He waved his claw in dismissal and suddenly the runners found themselves in a huge, stretch limousine. Each of the runners looked down at themselves and realized that they were not in their normal forms. Each of them was in the shape of an animal. Whip was a kitsune in fox form; Kus was a butcher bird; Smokey was a raccoon; Tool was a chimpanzee; Brick was a bear; and Wildfire was a giant fire salamander. They looked up from their new bodies to see Dunklezahn in human form lounging in the back of the limo in a very expensive tuxedo. He said that he was having second thoughts about sacrificing himself for metahumanity and looked expectantly at the runners.

Whip said that she liked to live life to its fullest, to try hard at everything so that there would be no regrets when she passed.

Wildfire suddenly remembered more about Dunklezahn’s “assassination” than what was in the news. He wondered if this knowledge was somehow granted to him by some entity while in the metaplanes. He told Dunklezahn that his sacrificing himself saved not only metahumanity, but quite possibly the dragon race as well. By infusing the Dragonheart with his powerful spirit and magic, Dunklezahn not only firmed up the barrier between our world and the world of the evil Outsiders in the short term, but also in perpetuity. Wildfire stated that there could be no greater or more noble sacrifice than sacrificing oneself to save an entire world and every creature on it. He thanked Dunklezahn for his bravery and conviction.

As Wildfire finished speaking, the limousine exploded and the runners’ animal forms were launched into the air. On moment they were hurtling through the air in animal form and the next they were standing on flat stones in a circle of light in their natural forms. A western dragon appeared and roared a challenge. Smokey activated spell defense over the runners. The dragon breathed fire on Kus, but between Smokey’s magical defense and Kus’s armor the fire didn’t harm him. Kus whipped out his Ingram Smartgun and fired a seven round full auto burst of APDS ammo at the dragon, causing the dragon to pixelate. The pixels swarmed around in an amorphous blob for several moments before reshaping themselves into a woman trapped inside a silver pentagram inlaid on the flat stones. The woman stated that her name was Alisa and that she had been trapped inside the pentagram by an insect shaman. She begged the runners to break the pentagram and free her. While the runners looked at her and at each other, Wildfire assensed her with his magesight. He saw through her disguise and determined that she was a shadow free spirit and he knew from his magical studies that all shadow free spirits were evil of very bad news variety. He communicated this to the other runners and they decided to leave her in the pentagram even as her protests became more desperate and vociferous.

The scene around the runners dissolved and each of them found themselves alone, floating in darkness. Tool suddenly found himself outside the Humanis Policlub building belonging to the humans that had brutally killed his parents. A wave of pain washed over him as he remembered his parent’s deaths and the revenge he took the night he blew up that club during one of their meetings. He stood in the shadows as he had that night and watched the humans arrive in their cars and shuffle into the building. He noted that it was not just the policlub members attending the meeting, but also their families. As he watched the women and the children move into the club he knew that blowing up the club was wrong and he couldn’t do it again. Instead he wired all of their cars to blow up, hoping that that would be enough of a warning to deter them from harming any other metahumans.

Smokey found himself inside the central garden of the Finnegan mansion in Seattle. His girlfriend and contender for the head of the Finnegan crime family, Rowena, has just dispatched a long time family advisor with her heavy pistol for his appearance of disloyalty. She turned to Smokey and asked him for news on who killed her father, the Don of the Finnegan family. Smokey responded by telling her that the runners had a promising lead on her father’s murderers.

Kus found himself back in the blacksmith’s shop from the last time that the runners were in the metaplanes. He held the smoking tang of a sword in his gloved left hand and a smith’s hammer in his right. A sense of shame filled him as he remembered that he had failed to create a magic sword when the rest of the runners had succeeded. He resolved to redouble his efforts and create one now. He worked the metal as the smith had taught him and eventually was rewarded with a shiny magic sword.

Wildfire found himself inside a building that he knew he would never forget. It was the building where his brother Rapid had died while covering the team’s escape on their last run together. His brother and the rest of the team were there. Rapid approached him and said that it was time for the team to leave and that Wildfire should take the lead and he would cover their backs. Wildfire looked at his brother and smiled a bittersweet smile. It was good to see him again, if only for a moment. He told Rapid that he would cover the runner’s retreat with his magic and that Rapid should lead them out. Rapid asked Wildfire if he was sure about that. Wildfire, tears forming in the corners of his eyes said, “I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life. I love you brother.” With that Wildfire turned away to face their back trail, hoping to catch a glance of his brother’s murderer.

Whip found herself in an Asian marketplace. She looked around at the shops and landmarks and felt that they looked familiar. After several seconds she realized that she knew this marketplace. Her attention was drawn to two Yakuza foot soldiers shaking down a merchant. She remembered that the soldiers had beaten and killed the merchant while she watched and everyone else in the marketplace looked away. She knew that she had a chance to change things this time around, so she pulled out her monofilament whip and charged the Yakuza. Her whip cut the first Yak in half and the other ran for his life. The merchant looked up at her from the ground and smiled gratefully.

Brick found himself back in the apartment that he had shared with his parents. When he raised his hand he noticed that it was much smaller than it should be and he wasn’t wearing his armor or any of his gear. He went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, his ten year old self stared back at him with a look of surprise on his face. His parents called out to him to tell him that they were going out and a creepy deja vous feeling came over him. His parents had said the exact same thing the night they went out and were killed in a car accident. Sadness and shame warred within him as he remembered that on that fateful night his ten year old self had been so focused on wanting ice cream that he had given no thought to his parents. He had whined and complained to them, saying awful things to try to guilt them into giving him what he wanted. Those were the last words that he had ever said to them and he had regretted it to this day. His parents called out to him again and he ran to the front door. They were standing by the door and looked just as he remembered them. He felt the ache in his chest when he looked at his mother’s beautiful face and knew that she wouldn’t survive the night. He knew he should try to stop them from leaving, but they had a very important appointment and wouldn’t take a ten year old’s worries seriously. He wished that there was some way to turn back time and erase the accident, but his gut told him that couldn’t happen. He crossed the room and hugged both of his parents and told them how much he loved them. As the door closed behind them he started to cry like he had when he first heard about their accident.

In a flash of light the runners found themselves reunited on the parapet of a huge castle floating hundreds of feet in the air. The runners looked down on a rolling green countryside with a mighty, winding river running through it, dotted with white sailed ships. They wondered what the next challenge would be and if they could master it. They saw the graceful white spires of a far off city under a vivid blue sky. The sun appeared to be setting in what they assumed was the west, casting golden light over the land. The runners turned and saw great archways opening onto a huge room at the top of the castle. They approached the nearest archway and saw that the chamber beyond had a high, vaulted ceiling supported by tall, fluted columns. The dome overhead was a deep, dark blue, set with gold and sparkling gemstones in the shape of the constellations of the night sky. The floor was inlaid with tiles of finely cut stone of different colors, creating a map of some strange land that the runners had never seen before, though they guessed that it might be the lands surrounding the castle.

In the middle of the room was a meter tall intricately carved stone pillar, with a beautiful red gemstone slowly rotating in the air above it. The gem was easily the size of a troll’s head, its deep crimson facets throwing slowly moving blood red splotches on the floor and ceiling as it blazed with a fiery inner light.

As the runners gazed at the Gem of Knowledge they heard a metallic rustling coming from an arch on the far side of the room. They watched as an enormous great western dragon entered the room and sinuously curled his long body around the central pedestal. His head, propped on his thick tail, faced the runners from beside the gem as eyes the size of medieval shields and the same shade as the gem regarded them. He smiled, showing row after row of gleaming white longsword sized teeth. The runners felt a shiver of fear as his voice boomed out, “Welcome to the end of your quest, shadowrunners. I have a proposition that might interest you.”

Karma 1 (for the previous write up)

Official Kill/Knock Out Stats: N/A because in the metaplanes nothing is real.

Game Summary 8/25/16
The runners upset another dragon...Go Team Dragon-Poop!

Radek called the runners back to give them the run information. The run was to go into Tehran and retrieve a piece of cloth from under a mosque. The tricky part being that Tehran had been laid to waste by the Great Dragon Aiden forty years ago. Now there was no law or protective organizations in the remains of the city; it had become a refuge for outlaws, evil metas, paranormal critters and worse.

The cloth was black with silver threads running throughout and Radek assured the runners that they would know it when they saw it. The runners ordered some gear from Radek and he delivered it on the Ares TR 52 tilt rotor aircraft that dropped them on the outskirts of Tehran. The pilot told the runners that they had ten hours to get in, get the package and get back to the extraction point or they would have to spend the night in the city and wait until the next day for pick up.

The runners entered the city cautiously, not knowing what could be lurking around. After moving a short distance through the rubble, a human with a rifle popped up. He jumped over a half wall and ran toward the runners while screaming and wildly firing the rifle at them. Brick was the first to respond, he pulled out his Ingram Smartgun loaded with stun rounds and fired a burst into the man. The man dropped the rifle and skidded along the ground unconscious.

Whip noticed an amorphous black cloud and ran toward it brandishing her whip. Kus looked around but couldn’t see the cloud. He yelled to Whip to ask where it was. Whip responded by yelling back the direction and distance while Smokey summoned a spirit.

Wildfire saw the cloud, cast a Stunbolt at it and it disappeared.

Tool walked up to the unconscious man and shot him in the head. A couple of the runners (not Kus) asked Tool why he shot the helpless, unconscious man and he responded that the man was very dangerous and was in fact, their “doom”. They asked him how he knew that since he had never been to Tehran or met the man before, but all Tool would say is that he just knew it. Wildfire was a little concerned because this was not normal behavior for Tool, so he decided to astrally assense him. He studied Tool’s aura with his mage sight and noted that there was something “off” about Tool, but he couldn’t tell exactly what it was. The runners decided to move on, but kept an eye on Tool.

The runners continued on for a time and then noticed when a group of three humanoids started following them to their left, on a parallel course behind some rubble. They chose to ignore them for the moment and continued toward the mosque. A short while later the runners detected the pitter-patter of more feet on their right hand side. When the total of the followers reached more than ten they decided that an ambush was imminent, so they found a small clearing with good cover and waited. They didn’t have to wait a full minute before pale looking humanoids with long, sharp claws and milky eyes climbed over the walls surrounding the runners and rushed them.

Whip ran forward and cut one of the ghouls in half with her monofilament whip focus.

Kus fired two, three round bursts from his Ingram Smartgun, killing two ghouls.

Brick walked a full auto burst from his Smartgun across three ghouls, killing the first, moderately wounding the second and missing the third completely.

Wildfire used his Levitation sustained focus to float up six meters. From the higher vantage point he cast a Stunball, knocking out four ghouls.

Smokey cast a Levitation spell into a sustaining spell focus and also floated up six meters.

Tool fired a single round each from his Savalette Guardian at two of the ghouls, killing the first and missing the second.

The ghouls tried to dogpile on the runners. Three attacked Brick, but instead of wounding Brick, they each suffered wounds from his orkly, martial prowess with hand to hand. Three attacked Tool, who popped out his cyber spurs and leaped into combat with a maniacal gleam in his eye. He killed two of them and gave the third a serious wound. Three jumped Kus, who whipped out a sai to defend himself. He gave each of the ghouls a solid beating and stun wounds as take home presents. Two advanced on Whip, who started a defensive dance with her focus, weaving it in an almost hypnotic pattern. When the two ghouls closed they literally fell to pieces in splashes of gore.

Whip smiled at the two dismembered ghouls and turned her whip on one of the ones on Kus, shredding him.

Kus dropped his sai, drew his no-dachi and skewered one of the ghouls on him.

Brick drew his katana and beheaded one of his ghouls.

Smokey aimed and fired a single round from his Ruger Super Warhawk, killing the last one on Tool.

Wildfire pulled his Savalette Guardian out and fired two semi auto rounds into one of the ghouls on Brick, killing it.

Tool killed a ghoul with his spurs.

Whip killed the last ghoul on Kus while Smokey killed the last one on Brick.

Tool, with a little spittle in the corners of his mouth, walked over executed the four unconscious ghouls by popping each of them in the head.

Smokey started casting Sterilize spells over the whole area while the rest of the runners looked around for further trouble. Whip was the first to spot the figure in a dark, tattered cloak moving toward the runners. She called out a warning and ran at the figure, flicking ghoul blood off of her whip. Kuss spotted the figure and fired a full auto burst from his Ingram, to no effect. Wildfire cast a Powerbolt at the figure, also to no effect. Brick pulled out his other Ingram Smartgun loaded with EX explosive rounds and fired a seven round full auto burst into the figure, dissipating it. The runners decided from what they saw that that creature must have been a wraith, and they were glad it was gone.

The runners cleaned up, reloaded their weapons, and continued toward the mosque. After an hour or so of travel they heard some gunfire in the distance, but it didn’t seem to be coming in their direction and they were on a deadline, so they gave it a pass.

It took a total of four hours to reach the mosque. When the runners entered it they felt a great sense of peace and serenity, almost a holy experience. The feeling grew stronger the further into the mosque they went. They looked around, searching for a way down into the basement. Smokey used his mage sight to astrally perceive the mosque. He found an interesting stone in the floor at the back of the mosque. He asked Tool to check it out. Tool lifted the stone easily and pulled out a package in brown paper. He unwrapped it and inside was a sheer black cloth with silver threading throughout. As he touched it a great sense of peace came over him. He shook it out and the runners looked at the symbols inlaid in silver thread. Wildfire looked at it on the astral and could tell that it was a powerful magical artifact. He started thinking about where he had heard of something like this before and he remembered reading about something like this in an article about Dunkelzhan’s will. Dunkelzahn had left the Shroud of Shadows to Aiden the Great Dragon in his will, but he remembered something about Aiden not accepting it.

The runners told Tool to carry it as he seemed a little less homicidally psychotic while holding it than he had been on the run so far. They headed back to their extraction point. On the way they noticed a small dot high up in the air heading toward them. The dot rapidly expanded until it was a Great Western Dragon with a body the size of a Greyhound bus. He circled the runners a few times and then came in for a landing right in front of them.

He introduced himself as Aiden and told the runners that the Shroud did not belong to them and that they needed to put the Shroud back in the mosque. The runners tried various lines of logic to reason with him (such as you didn’t accept the Shroud from Dunkelzahn so it doesn’t belong to you either), but all roads led back to “put the Shroud back in the mosque or I’ll kill you.”

The runners agreed to return the Shroud to the mosque and started backtracking toward the mosque, with Aiden as their close companion. Whip asked Tool for the Shroud and she put it on her back like a cape. Smokey wandered over to her and said that he had an idea. He asked her for the Shroud and then meandered over to the dragon. Smokey held his breath and touched the Shroud to Aiden. Aiden immediately seemed to relax, but didn’t change his mind about the runners putting the Shroud back in the mosque. He seemed to be in a more generous mood though, and offered the runners 10K nuyen in gold for their trouble. They responded that they were being paid 1.4 million nuyen for the job. Aiden counteroffered with 500K nuyen and 1.5 million nuyen worth of gold for their trouble.

Kus asked Aiden if he would give him a magic sword, which caused some of the runners to audibly groan and shake their heads at Kus and his magic sword fetish. The mages had tried to tell him on several occasions that even if he found a magic sword he would not be able to bond it and use it properly because he’s not magically active, but that had never stopped Kus from wanting one. To everyone’s astonishment, Aiden took the request seriously. He stated that he did not own a magic sword, but he did know where one was located and would tell Kus where it was and how to get it. Kus responded that that would be acceptable, with a big, shit-eating grin on his tusky face.

Wildfire thought that if Aiden would be willing to part with a magic sword (if he’d had one) maybe he has an extra power focus kicking around that he didn’t need. Wildfire mentioned that he’d been looking around for a force six power focus and did Aiden know where he could get one. Aiden responded that he had two, would Wildfire prefer a pendant or a ring? Wildfire responded that the pendant would be great. Aiden turned to Smokey and said that he could have the ring then, to which Smokey’s only response was a look of shock on his face.

Whip stated loudly that she would never take payment to betray a Johnson or fail a job. Wildfire agreed that he wouldn’t either, but the fact was that they were failing the job because they didn’t want to be transformed into dragon-poop by Aiden’s powerful digestive magic, not because of any payment he offered. If Aiden wanted to offer them a consolation prize, where’s the harm in that?

Wildfire looked at the other runners; Kus was smiling, Whip looked offended, Tool, Brick and Smokey were looking back and forth, undecided on what to do.

Karma: 1 (for the previous write up)

Official Kill/Knock-Out Stats
Tool 9 (including 5 unconscious, helpless metas – I bet you feel like a big man now)
Whip 5
Wildfire 5
Brick 4 (including the wraith)
Kus 3
Smokey 2

Game Summary 8/11/16
The runners meet two more dragons (sort of)

Tool called Radek to find a local contact to get some Wuxing Tower security badges. Tool also used his resources to find out where Wuxing Tower staff had their uniforms laundered.

Smokey did some research to determine what magical significance of the deadline date of the run that Buttercup had given them had. All he could determine is that it had something to do with celestial alignments.

Kus ensconced himself in his room and engrossed himself in Russian ork on ork porn. Whip took advantage of the hotel’s amenities, running up quite a tab with room service and spa treatments. Wildfire did some legwork to find a couple force one sustaining foci. Brick cleaned his guns and checked his ammo supply.

The runners went to the laundry company after closing time to do some recon. The place looked deserted so they decided to ‘carpe diem’. Tool tried and failed to pick the manual lock on the door. He hissed, ”who uses a fraggin’ manual tumbler lock in the year 2060?!” Kus borrowed Tool’s lockpicks and had the door open in record time, causing some of the runners to marvel at the fact that he actually had a non-killing related skill.

The runners fanned out to find custodial uniforms for Wuxing Tower. Kus said that they should make sure to grab dirty uniforms as they aren’t counted until they are cleaned. They found what they needed and exited the laundry, making sure to relock the door on their way out.

They talked to Jack the decker and he confirmed that he could get into the Wuxing Tower system. He stated that he could override the alarm on the emergency stairwell doors as well as the cameras, but that was all. Wildfire asked him to identify some other highly sensitive and/or secure areas of the building. The idea was that Jack could set off alarms in those areas as a distraction if the runners needed to exit quickly.

Tool set up the meet to get the security badges and the rest of the runners chose to go with him for back up. When they met the local fixer he had six goons with him and the runners noticed more outside. The runners thought it a little odd that the fixer had so much security, but he acted professionally and the meet went smoothly.

Tool spent time staking out the tower for the best entrance. He found that many of the tower’s staff entered through a side door as opposed to the front door so they decided to use the side door. The runners went to various local restaurants to obtain take out boxes to conceal their guns. Tool saw that employees generally entered the building in groups of one or two, with the occasional group of three. The runners decided to break into three groups; Whip and Smokey would enter first, followed by Wildfire, Tool and Kus. Brick would stay outside and guard the van.

Whip and Smokey made it inside, onto the elevator and up to the 42nd floor without incident. They split up and entered the nearest restrooms to wait for the rest of the team. Wildfire, Tool and Kus made it inside and onto the elevator without any trouble. The elevator doors opened on the 12th floor and an executive and his heavily cybered bodyguard entered the elevator and hit the button for the 53rd floor. The runners recognized him as the senior vice president of Personnel from the pictures that they had downloaded when they were searching for access to the penthouse elevator.

The three runners knew enough about corporate etiquette to keep their eyes downcast and not met the executive’s gaze. The VP smiled and greeted them. There was a couple of seconds of silence that felt like an eternity to Wildfire. He glanced at Tool out of the corner of his eye. Tool was usually their face that interacted with the public, but right then he appeared to be at a loss for words. Wildfire could feel a knot form in his stomach as he realized that Tool wasn’t going to respond, but Kus looked like he was about to same something. Something that, if history was any indication, might end in a very intense firefight in a very small space. Wildfire quickly and obsequiously returned the greeting with a nervous smile on his face. The executive asked them how they liked working for Wuxing and Wildfire responded in his best toady tone that they were very proud to work for Wuxing and grateful for their jobs. That seemed to satisfy the VP and there was no further conversation. The doors opened on the 42nd floor and the runner exited the elevator, careful to avoid bumping the VP and his bodyguard.

The runners assembled and headed for the emergency stairwell. They contacted Jack to make sure that the alarms and cameras were taken care of. Then they entered the stairwell and proceeded to floor under the penthouse level, where Smokey, Wildfire and Whip deactivated all of their foci. The runners ascended to the penthouse level through the ward. They waited in the stairwell for a couple of minutes while the magically gifted ones reactivated their foci and recast their spells into their sustaining foci. Smokey also summoned a spirit, just in case.

The runners entered the penthouse and took a moment to get their bearings. They all felt a buzzing in the air. Smokey and Wildfire felt he magic in the air and determined that they were in some sort of nexus of ley lines. The whole penthouse was a large open garden with a cathedral ceiling. There was a central zen rock garden with carefully groomed sand and rocks, with a footbridge over it. There were potted plants and shrubbery all over the level with paths meandering throughout. Benches graced the sides of the paths and other furniture was placed around the periphery. Most importantly from the runners’ perspective was that there were no people, spirits or cameras in the penthouse and only two access points; the emergency stairs and the executive elevator.

The runners pulled out the plans that Buttercup had given them and began to rearrange the furniture. Working as a team it only took them about fifteen minutes to make the modifications. When the last piece of furniture was placed in the new configuration they heard a crystal chiming sound that reverberated in their bones. Suddenly the runners felt weightless; like they were floating thousands of feet above the Earth. They could see four shining points and glowing lines connecting them. One point was in mainland China, one in Vladivostok, one in Japan and the fourth was the Wuxing Tower in Hong Kong that they had been standing in. Two dragons appeared; one over the mainland China point that they recognized from the trid as Luam; the other over the Japan point appeared to be Rumiyo. They looked at each other and exclaimed at the same time, “Did you do this?! No, you did this! We shall see!” The dragons then disappeared and the runners were back in their bodies in the Wuxing Tower penthouse.

The runners had a three hour wait until midnight, so the mages turned themselves invisible and the others took cover and kept an eye on the two access points. The wait was uneventful and the runners successfully exfiltrated the tower, changed in the van and went out for pizza.

After getting back to their hotel, Tool called a very satisfied Buttercup and she sent them their individual 120K nuyen payments for a job well done. Shortly after that Tool received a call from Radek, who had another job for them, this time in Tehran with a 200K nuyen each pay day.

Karma: 6 (1 for surviving, 1 for delivering Sen Lo, 1 for something that Mark said, 2 for completing the Wuxing Tower run, 1 for the previous write up)

Official Kill/Knock Out Stats:

Brick, Kus, Whip, Smokey, Tool Wildfire 0 (Can you believe they pulled off a stealthy run with no casualties?!?!)

Game Summary 7/28/16
To Russia with love...

Brick, waiting outside Sen Lo’s apartment, noticed a man across the street watching it. He notified the runners via their tactical communicators. Wildfire and Smokey cast Invisibility spells on themselves and made their way to the building’s side door. They entered an alley and proceeded to the front corner of the building, to see the watcher. They had trouble keeping sight of the watcher due to the crowds congesting both sidewalks. Smokey dropped his invisibility and summoned a city spirit to conceal him. Wildfire walked up the street away from the watcher and ducked into an entrance to drop his invisibility. He and Smokey crossed the street at the same time. Smokey found a good vantage point to view the watcher and cast a Mind Probe spell on him. Wildfire walked back down the street and took up a position between Smokey and the crowds of people walking up the street.

Smokey read that the watcher’s name was Han, and he was indeed watching the building for Sen Lo. Han worked for the Red Dragon Triad and Sen Lo owes them a lot of money. Smokey tried to probe deeper to get more details, but suddenly the watcher’s head burst into flames. He screamed and ran around for a few seconds before keeling over dead. A few of the people who saw Han die turned and looked at Smokey, probably connecting his spellcasting just moments before with the dead man in the street. Smokey and Wildfire checked the astral but didn’t see any spirits or mages that could have caused the watcher’s death.

Smokey dropped the now defunct Mind Probe spell and cast an Invisibility spell on himself. He made his way carefully back to the runner’s van through the crowds, making sure not to bump anyone. Wildfire gawked at the body for a while with the other spectators and then casually walked back to the van to meet the rest of the runners.

The runners looked at Smokey in a new light. Brick said that he didn’t know Smokey could do that and Tool said he didn’t think Smokey had it in him to burn a guy’s head off like that. Smokey insisted that he didn’t do it, that there must have been some kind of spell or magical effect on the guy that caused it. The runners’ attitude was whatever, just don’t cast that Mind Probe spell on any of us.

The runners decided to split up into two teams to run down the leads that they found in Sen Lo’s files. Tool, Whip and Wildfire took half the leads and Brick and Smokey took the other half (Kus’s IBS was flaring up again so he headed back to the hotel to go a few rounds with his good friend john).

It took the runners about eight hours to run down enough of the leads (aka made enough successful street etiquette checks) to find out that Sen Lo was hiding out on a houseboat in the harbor.

The runners arrived at the harbor and singled out the specific houseboat from all of the other houseboats and junks. They did physical and astral recon and found no one watching the houseboat and nothing suspicious. They decided that Tool and Wildfire should approach Sen Lo because they were dwarves and the Triads were not known for embracing metahumans. Smokey summoned a spirit of man, just in case.

Tool and Wildfire approached the houseboat and knocked politely, so as not to spook Sen Lo. They convinced Sen Lo that they were not here to hurt him and in fact wanted to offer him a job. He invited them inside to talk. He served them tea while they explained that Buttercup wanted to hire him for a job in Vladivostok. The runners told him that they knew that the Red Dragon Triads were closing in on him for the money that he owed them and getting out of Hong Kong for a while might just be good for his health. Sen Lo agreed with them just as they got a call from Whip. She had been watching the area and noticed that all of the people in the surrounding boats were leaving, which was probably a very bad sign.

Sen Lo grabbed a few things and the runners escorted him off of the houseboat. Wildfire asked Smokey to turn Sen Lo invisible, which he did. As the runners and Sen Lo were heading back to their van, they noticed a dozen toughs heading in from the parking lot. Wildfire astrally scanned them and determined that two of them were magically active and some others had cyberware. They appeared to be looking for someone, but they passed the runners without a word. The runners packed Sen Lo into the van and left without any trouble. They found a hotel with good security in an area not frequented by the Red Dragon Triads (per Sen Lo). They rented a couple of rooms for the boys and Whip got her own room. She treated herself with room service and spa treatments while the boys mostly hung out in one of the rooms because Kus’s room was almost uninhabitable.

The next day the runners and Sen Lo boarded the plane for an uneventful flight to Vladivostok. Tool contacted Buttercup and set up a meet for later that day. They rented a van and drove around, taking in the fabulous Vladivostok sights, until Brick noticed a nice looking dark sedan following them. He did some fancy driving and lost them. Wildfire then cast a Vehicle Mask spell on the van to make it harder to spot and follow.

With the runner’s suspicions aroused, they kept a vigilant watch and noticed some very familiar helicopters flying around the city, apparently searching for something or someone. They resembled the helicopter that had rudely interrupted their dinner at XTC. The runners decided to keep moving until the meet because a moving target is harder to find and hit. The runners arrived at the meet in the “Hospitality House” which was just a euphemism for whore house. The runners and Sen Lo met Buttercup in the reception area. Sen Lo gave a deep bow to Buttercup when she greeted him. She asked him to stay there while she took the runners into a separate room to conduct business. She gave the runners the rest of their 30K nuyen payment each for the first part of the job. She explained that the second part of the job, which payed 120K nuyen each, was to break into the penthouse of Wuxing Tower and rearrange the furniture in a very specific manner. The furniture must be in the new configuration at midnight six days hence. The runners agreed to the proposal and she gave them a dossier with detailed plans and security details for Wuxing Tower.

Tool called Radeck the fixer to set up a return flight to Hong Kong as soon as possible. He booked a return flight on the same plane that took them to Vladivostok. The runners discussed the job on the flight back. They decided that since the changes had to be in effect at midnight in six days, then they would have to break in and make the changes the same evening. If they made the changes even one day before then there was a very real possibility that the changes would be noticed and corrected before the deadline. Tool studied the changes and determined that they would take the runners approximately three hours to implement, give or take.

They determined from the plans that the Wuxing building was high security, with very limited access to the penthouse. There was only three viable access points; one executive elevator that required a key and code to access; one set of alarmed emergency stairs; and the roof which had a helipad, maglocks, 2 guards and three roaming air elementals. The also noted that the entire penthouse was encased in a force eight ward that would present some challenges to the magically active runners in the group. And of course, there were cameras everywhere. The runners arrived safely in Hong Kong and rented a van. They drove to the Wuxing Tower to view the exterior.

Karma: 1 (for the previous write up). Dave will give us the rest when we finish the job.

Official Kill/Knock Out Stats:

Smokey .5 (He might not have been the direct cause, but that dude is dead because of him)
Brick, Whip, Kus, Tool, Wildfire 0

Game Summary 7/14/16
The runners go to Hong Kong? Phooey!

Tool and Brick were able to get 20,800 nuyen each for the two boats from a fence they found. They contacted Captain Fix to get a ride back to New Orleans from Macapa. While they were waiting for him to arrive the runners explored the local culture and digs. Smokey found a local Raccoon shaman and they partied like a couple of bandits. Smokey bought the drinks and told the shaman about all of the dragons that the runners had met.

Tool received a call from Radeck, the fixer that had hired them for the Mount Ranier job. He wanted to set up a meet for the runners in New Orleans with a Johnson for a new job. Captain Fix arrived and the runners had an uneventful trip to New Orleans. They picked up their 150K nuyen final payment from Toshi for the job that they had just completed.

The meet was set up for the XTC Club, a posh dinner club with a six month waiting list. The club also had a strict dress code and no gun policy, which did not please the runners. They never felt better dressed and more naked at the same time. They arrived at the club and checked their hardware at the door (except for a Savalette Guardian that Tool was able to conceal in a secret compartment in his cyberarm). Whip had more trouble letting go of her weapon focus than the others did their guns. She immediately started exhibiting signs of anxiety and fidgeting, repeatedly glancing back toward the door.

The runners were ushered to a private room with elegant furniture and a large bay window. From the treatment they were receiving at this exclusive club they figured that their Johnson must have some real juice, and better yet, some deep pockets. Shortly after they arrived a small, beautiful woman of apparent Japanese ancestry wearing a rose print dress entered. Some of the runners recognized her from the trid; she was Buttercup, a powerful free spirit on the board of directors for the Yamatetsu Corporation, a big international player.

She introduced herself and invited the runners to order dinner. Their dinners were good, but certainly not good enough to explain the six month waiting list. Over dessert, Buttercup told them the run details. They were to pick up an individual named Sen Lo in Hong Kong and bring him to an address in Vladivostok, Russia. That part of the run paid 50K nuyen apiece. There was a second part to the run that they would be informed of once they delivered Sen Lo to Vladivostok. The second part needed to be completed by midnight, nine days from today. The second part would pay 120k nuyen each. The runners asked if Sen Lo would be agreeable to coming with them to Vladivostol, but Buttercup’s enigmatic answer was maybe or maybe not.

During one of Whip’s surreptitious glances toward the door she noticed a helicopter lining up for a firing run on the large bay window. She screamed for everyone to get down as she threw herself to the floor. Buttercup and the rest of the runners dove under the table as the bay window shattered, bullets and glass shrapnel tearing through the space that they had occupied just a moment before.

Once the shooting stopped, Wildfire popped his head up, but was unable to see the pilot because of the tinted windscreen. Wildfire sent out a magical summons to his elementals, calling them to him.

Buttercup cast a Lightning Bolt spell at the helicopter, but missed.

Whip jumped up and sprinted for the restaurant door with magical speed to retrieve her beloved weapon focus. The monofilament whip couldn’t possibly be of any help against an attacking helicopter, but that fact didn’t even slow her down.

Smokey cast an Invisibility spell on himself and moved through the door of the private room. Brick asked Tool for his concealed gun. Tool jumped up and ran out of the private room. Brick ran after Tool, repeatedly asking him for the gun. Buttercup moved to the door of the private room and waited, watching Wildfire.

Wildfire looked out of the window and saw the helicopter lining up for another firing run on the restaurant. He commanded his fire elemental to burn the inside of the helicopter and any occupants. Then he jumped up and raced out the door. Buttercup followed Wildfire out the door and headed for the door of the restaurant amidst a pack of panicked patrons.

The runners joined Buttercup at the door amidst the staccato rhythm of gunfire coming from the private room. They agreed to escort her out of the building. They moved to the nearest stairwell and proceeded down. Smokey dropped his invisibility and summoned a spirit to protect them. At the bottom of the stairs Buttercup gave the runners her Sen Lo dossier and the details of where to deliver him in Vladivostok. She urged the runners to make haste and complete the mission as fast as possible.

The runners left the building without incident. Tool called Radeck as they drove off in their rented vehicle. He arranged for a flight to smuggle them from New Orleans to Hong Kong leaving in six hours. That would put the runners on the ground in Hong Kong in eighteen hours. Tool also had Radeck arrange a plane to be on standby in Hong Kong starting two days from today, to take them to Vladivostok. The runners gathered their gear and headed to the airport.

According to the dossier, Sen Lo was some kind of magic user, so the runners reached out to their magical contacts to see if they could find out anything. Whip’s physical adept mentor hadn’t heard of him, but Wildfire’s talismonger, Soars the Night, knew that Sen Lo was a famous Geomancer that did feng shui.

The runners arrived safely in Hong Kong and proceeded directly to the Wuxing building, where Sen Lo was supposed to work. When they surveilled the building, they could see six powerful elementals patrolling the air around the building in the real world. This was very disconcerting for Smokey and Wildfire, as they were only used to seeing spirits patrolling in astral space. They knew that some of the magical laws in Hong Kong might be different from what they were used to. They viewed the building astrally and noted that the top floor was warded.

The runners decided go to Sen Lo’s last known address per the dossier. It was a two story brick building in a lower middle class neighborhood. Tool made short work of the lock and the runners took a look around. The place had obviously been tossed, but the runners made a thorough search. They found some chips with client and business records. Using this information, the runners thought they could use their etiquette/street smarts to track down Sen Lo.

Tool was watching the street through the windows and noticed someone across the street watching the place.

Karma 2 (1 for surviving the helicopter attack, 1 for the previous write up)

Official Kill/Knock Out Stats

Wildfire 1 (1 pilot and 1 helicopter)
Brick/Kus/Whip/Smokey/Tool 0


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