Shadowrun - MW

Game Summary 11/3/16

The runners cleverly spring Chimera's trap!

Game Summary 11/3/16

The runners cleverly spring a Chimera trap!

The runners booked a smuggler’s flight to Seattle. Once they were on the ground Wildfire called his fixer, Black Streak, for an update. He told Wildfire that Manuel Cortez had been snatched by another runner team, but he had followed them to a deserted factory in a rundown slum. Black Streak didn’t know how long they would be there so he recommended that the team hurry. Wildfire told the others and they decided to go straight to the warehouse. They quickly rented a van and moved out. On the way to the warehouse the runners checked their gear and Tool put on his heavy security armor.

When they arrived at the factory they didn’t see Black Streak so Wildfire tried calling him but it went straight to voicemail. Smokey summoned a great form spirit while Wildfire astrally projected to recon the warehouse. Wildfire counted nine bad guys and two prisoners tied to chairs. He expanded his search to a few blocks around the warehouse to make sure that their enemies didn’t have any back up. The only living things that he found in that radius were large patches of moss in an alleyway.

Wildfire returned to the team and sketched out a map of the interior with the enemy positions. The runners weren’t sure if this was just some random runner team that snatched Cortez as part of their own biz or if they were specifically targeting Cortez to lure them into a trap. If the other runners were doing their own biz then the team would try to negotiate with them to get Cortez and Black Streak, but if they were targeting the team then they would go in guns blazing. Smokey cast a Detect Enemies spell and focused on the warehouse, knowing that the spell would only detect people that had hostile intent for him specifically. Sure enough, the metahumans in the warehouse had definitely set a trap for Smokey and his friends, but they had bit off more than they could chew this time.

The runners drove around the warehouse and noticed that there was only one door in, so their quarry wouldn’t get the chance to escape. There were some windows in the front of the building. The runners carefully peered in through those windows and saw that the outer door lead to a foyer with a reception desk and another large door. The inner wall also had some windows and through them the runners could see an office area with several desks and a water cooler. Periodically a guard would walk by the windows in the inner office. The runners decided to start with him and then quickly enter and put down any resistance.

Kus pulled out his sniping rifle and screwed the sound suppressor on while Wildfire cast Improved Invisibility on himself and then called his elementals to him on the astral. The rest of the runners stacked up on either side of the outer door while Kus aimed through two sets of windows, waiting for his target to walk into view. Smokey cast a Silence spell in the street and moved it cover the windows and the inner office. The target walked into Kus’s view for a split second which was all it took for Kus to blow his head off. The runners heard the loud cough of the suppressed rifle outside, but no tinkling of glass, no head exploding, not even a thud of a body hitting the floor because of the Silence spell.

Smokey moved the silence spell back to cover the outer door and then Brick opened it soundlessly. Brick entered and made a hand gesture for the others to follow while Kus slung his sniping rifle on his back and pulled out his Ingram Smartgun. The runners advanced to the inner door and opened it under the cover of the Silence spell, confident that surprise was still on their side.

The first thing that they saw when they entered the inner office was the headless body of Kus’s handiwork. Tool recognized the red light on his chest as a bio monitor showing a clear indicator that he was dead. Still in the Silence spell, Tool frantically waved his arms and pointed at the bio monitor. Smokey dropped the Silence spell and Tool told the team that their surprise was blown.

This inner office had two large doors opening into the warehouse proper. Kus, Whip and Smokey lined up by the left hand door while Brick Tool and Wildfire lined up by the other. Smokey cast Improved Invisibility on himself as Whip opened the inner door and took cover.

Kus entered the warehouse and fired a couple of three round bursts into the first flunky he saw, killing him.

Brick opened the other door and spied three flunkies in his line of sight. He lifted his brand new cyberarm with its integral Ingram Smartgun and fired a ten round full auto burst at them. The EX explosive ammunition shredded the first two targets and lightly wounded the third.

Whip ran forward and cut a flunky in half with her monofilament whip focus.

Wildfire, still invisible, entered the warehouse and headed straight for the prisoners.

Smokey, also invisible, entered the warehouse with his Ruger Super Warhawk in hand, looking for targets.

Kus finished off the wounded flunky and snickered as the master bio monitor unit fell from his lifeless fingers. He then sprinted further into the warehouse to look for more targets.

Whip ran over to the two prisoners. She figured anyone could pull out a knife and cut Black Streak loose, but she wanted to do it with some style. She told him to hold still as she arched her monofilament whip back over her shoulder. Black Streak, his knuckles white as he gripped the chair’s arms, only had time to shout, “What?!” through his gag and squirt a little pee into his boxer briefs before the whip came hurtling forward to strike his bonds.

Brick worked his way around a pillar and some bins and found another flunky. He fired two three round bursts of EX explosive into him and sent him straight to hell.

Wildfire made it to the prisoners and was careful to steer well clear of Whip. He called out to Black Streak to let him know that Wildfire and his friends were there to save him. Black Streak took his eyes off Whip for a second while she was winding up for another strike. He looked wildly around trying to figure out where the voice was coming from, but failing that, his eyes locked on Whip again as her arm shot forward.

Tool ran up to Manuel Cortez, removed his gag and asked him, “Are you booby trapped?” Cortez’s dazed reply was, “Huh?”

As Kus rounded a pillar a flunky was lying in wait for him. The flunky, hunched behind a large bin, fired two three round bursts from his FN HAR assault rifle causing Kus to stagger, but his layered armor did its job and saved him. Kus decided to return the flunky’s love with interest, firing two three round bursts at the partially hidden flunky. The first burst ricocheted off the bin but the second burst moderately wounded him.

Whip’s whip flash forward and finished off the bonds on Black Streak’s right hand. She shifted her stance to take aim at his left hand. Black Streak hurriedly pulled the gag out of his mouth and held up his hand, palm toward Whip. Words came rushing out of his mouth, “thank you so much, but I’ll get the rest of them. Really, thank you, thank you!”

Whip replied, “eh, suit yourself.” She began looking around for the other runners while absently flicking her whip back and forth. Once she turned away Black Streak let out a deep breath and sagged a little in his chair. Then he started working on the restraints on his left hand.

As Brick came out from behind a large bin, a flunky opened fire on him with a FN HAR. Brick stumbled as the first three round burst gave him a light wound, but his armor stopped the second burst. Brick returned fire and killed the little prick.

Smokey, still invisible, ran up to the wounded flunky Kus had just shot, being careful not to stand between him and Kus. He cast Mind Probe on the flunky, but the strain of keeping up his Invisibility spell caused the Mind Probe to fail. A second later Kus finished the flunky off.

Tool asked Cortez again if he was booby-trapped. Cortez replied, “Not that I know of.”

Black Streak finished freeing himself from the chair and Wildfire cast a Heal spell on him. Wildfire told him that the nine bad guys inside the warehouse were down and asked if there were any more. Black Streak informed him that there were at least six more guys that he knew of, but he didn’t know where they were. He said that they might be outside the warehouse.

Smokey cast a Detect Enemies spell and informed the runners that he detected a half dozen enemies outside the front door and one above them. Suddenly, two near simultaneous explosions rocked the inner room just outside the two warehouse doors causing all of the runners to turn toward them. A second later IR smoke filled the same room and the runners realized the true assault was just about to kick off, and that this time they were the ones in the dead end building with only one way out.

Brick moved to the left behind a pillar, reloaded his arm and covered the left hand door. Kus moved to the right and covered the right hand door. Whip found a ladder up to the catwalks and began to climb. Wildfire grabbed Cortez’s chair and dragged it behind the nearest pillar. He was determined that Cortez wouldn’t die until he found out why he ordered the hit on his brother Rapid. Smokey took cover behind a nearby pillar while Tool pulled out his MGL-6 grenade launcher and changed clips. Tool then used his smartlink to cybernetically link to the range finder in the MGL-6 and detonated a white phosphorous grenade in each of the two inner doorways as a little door prize for their latest guests. Tool figured that with the IR smoke in the air the party crashers wouldn’t realize that the willie-peter was hanging in the air until they walked through it. He was looking forward to the screams.

Smokey told his great form spirit to use its confusion power on their enemies as they entered this room. He then summoned a hearth spirit.

Brick activated his ultrasound vision and kept scanning the outer room through the left doorway for a target in the IR smoke while Kus fired a few random bursts of suppressive fire through the other doorway.

Whip made it to the catwalks and began searching for the hidden enemy up there. The professional killer, hidden in a very high tech camouflage suit, took careful aim and shot Whip with her Barret 121 heavy sniping rifle. Whip fell to one knee and looked down at the hole in her chest. Pain stabbed outward from the hole, but she figured that she wasn’t dead yet. The pain galvanized her into action and seriously pissed her off. She rose to her feet and looked up in fury and saw the female sniper further down the catwalk. Whip’s pupils practically burst into flames as she swore that that bitch was going to die. She vowed that she would personally whip that bitch into pieces.

The rest of the runners heard the shot up in the catwalks and looked up. Brick could barely see the sniper through the catwalk, girders and camouflage suit, but he took a chance and fired two three round bursts at her. The first burst missed but the second burst gave her a light wound.

Kus, Smokey and Tool could not see the sniper from their vantage point. Wildfire could barely see her and cast a Stun Bolt at her, giving her a serious stun wound.

Whip raced through the catwalks and attacked the sniper with her monofilament whip. The sniper dropped her rifle to defend herself, but still ended up with a serious wound. She attempted to counter attack Whip, but failed miserably as Whip took her head off and smiled as the sniper’s blood splashed across her face.

Karma: 1 (for the previous write up)

Official Kill/Knock Out Stats:

Brick 4
Kus 4
Whip 2
Wildfire, Smokey, Tool 0



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