Shadowrun - MW

Game Summary 7/14/16

The runners go to Hong Kong? Phooey!

Tool and Brick were able to get 20,800 nuyen each for the two boats from a fence they found. They contacted Captain Fix to get a ride back to New Orleans from Macapa. While they were waiting for him to arrive the runners explored the local culture and digs. Smokey found a local Raccoon shaman and they partied like a couple of bandits. Smokey bought the drinks and told the shaman about all of the dragons that the runners had met.

Tool received a call from Radeck, the fixer that had hired them for the Mount Ranier job. He wanted to set up a meet for the runners in New Orleans with a Johnson for a new job. Captain Fix arrived and the runners had an uneventful trip to New Orleans. They picked up their 150K nuyen final payment from Toshi for the job that they had just completed.

The meet was set up for the XTC Club, a posh dinner club with a six month waiting list. The club also had a strict dress code and no gun policy, which did not please the runners. They never felt better dressed and more naked at the same time. They arrived at the club and checked their hardware at the door (except for a Savalette Guardian that Tool was able to conceal in a secret compartment in his cyberarm). Whip had more trouble letting go of her weapon focus than the others did their guns. She immediately started exhibiting signs of anxiety and fidgeting, repeatedly glancing back toward the door.

The runners were ushered to a private room with elegant furniture and a large bay window. From the treatment they were receiving at this exclusive club they figured that their Johnson must have some real juice, and better yet, some deep pockets. Shortly after they arrived a small, beautiful woman of apparent Japanese ancestry wearing a rose print dress entered. Some of the runners recognized her from the trid; she was Buttercup, a powerful free spirit on the board of directors for the Yamatetsu Corporation, a big international player.

She introduced herself and invited the runners to order dinner. Their dinners were good, but certainly not good enough to explain the six month waiting list. Over dessert, Buttercup told them the run details. They were to pick up an individual named Sen Lo in Hong Kong and bring him to an address in Vladivostok, Russia. That part of the run paid 50K nuyen apiece. There was a second part to the run that they would be informed of once they delivered Sen Lo to Vladivostok. The second part needed to be completed by midnight, nine days from today. The second part would pay 120k nuyen each. The runners asked if Sen Lo would be agreeable to coming with them to Vladivostol, but Buttercup’s enigmatic answer was maybe or maybe not.

During one of Whip’s surreptitious glances toward the door she noticed a helicopter lining up for a firing run on the large bay window. She screamed for everyone to get down as she threw herself to the floor. Buttercup and the rest of the runners dove under the table as the bay window shattered, bullets and glass shrapnel tearing through the space that they had occupied just a moment before.

Once the shooting stopped, Wildfire popped his head up, but was unable to see the pilot because of the tinted windscreen. Wildfire sent out a magical summons to his elementals, calling them to him.

Buttercup cast a Lightning Bolt spell at the helicopter, but missed.

Whip jumped up and sprinted for the restaurant door with magical speed to retrieve her beloved weapon focus. The monofilament whip couldn’t possibly be of any help against an attacking helicopter, but that fact didn’t even slow her down.

Smokey cast an Invisibility spell on himself and moved through the door of the private room. Brick asked Tool for his concealed gun. Tool jumped up and ran out of the private room. Brick ran after Tool, repeatedly asking him for the gun. Buttercup moved to the door of the private room and waited, watching Wildfire.

Wildfire looked out of the window and saw the helicopter lining up for another firing run on the restaurant. He commanded his fire elemental to burn the inside of the helicopter and any occupants. Then he jumped up and raced out the door. Buttercup followed Wildfire out the door and headed for the door of the restaurant amidst a pack of panicked patrons.

The runners joined Buttercup at the door amidst the staccato rhythm of gunfire coming from the private room. They agreed to escort her out of the building. They moved to the nearest stairwell and proceeded down. Smokey dropped his invisibility and summoned a spirit to protect them. At the bottom of the stairs Buttercup gave the runners her Sen Lo dossier and the details of where to deliver him in Vladivostok. She urged the runners to make haste and complete the mission as fast as possible.

The runners left the building without incident. Tool called Radeck as they drove off in their rented vehicle. He arranged for a flight to smuggle them from New Orleans to Hong Kong leaving in six hours. That would put the runners on the ground in Hong Kong in eighteen hours. Tool also had Radeck arrange a plane to be on standby in Hong Kong starting two days from today, to take them to Vladivostok. The runners gathered their gear and headed to the airport.

According to the dossier, Sen Lo was some kind of magic user, so the runners reached out to their magical contacts to see if they could find out anything. Whip’s physical adept mentor hadn’t heard of him, but Wildfire’s talismonger, Soars the Night, knew that Sen Lo was a famous Geomancer that did feng shui.

The runners arrived safely in Hong Kong and proceeded directly to the Wuxing building, where Sen Lo was supposed to work. When they surveilled the building, they could see six powerful elementals patrolling the air around the building in the real world. This was very disconcerting for Smokey and Wildfire, as they were only used to seeing spirits patrolling in astral space. They knew that some of the magical laws in Hong Kong might be different from what they were used to. They viewed the building astrally and noted that the top floor was warded.

The runners decided go to Sen Lo’s last known address per the dossier. It was a two story brick building in a lower middle class neighborhood. Tool made short work of the lock and the runners took a look around. The place had obviously been tossed, but the runners made a thorough search. They found some chips with client and business records. Using this information, the runners thought they could use their etiquette/street smarts to track down Sen Lo.

Tool was watching the street through the windows and noticed someone across the street watching the place.

Karma 2 (1 for surviving the helicopter attack, 1 for the previous write up)

Official Kill/Knock Out Stats

Wildfire 1 (1 pilot and 1 helicopter)
Brick/Kus/Whip/Smokey/Tool 0



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