Shadowrun - MW

Game Summary 2/26/15

The Runners ambush the ambushers but no Rowena

Brick tried (unsuccessfully) to restart the heavy duty delivery truck.

Kus, a little further down the road than the rest of the runners, sprayed the passenger side of the front car’s windshield, shattering it and wounding a gangster.

Smokey, currently invisible, put up spell defense for the team and shifted his perception to the astral plane to watch for any unwanted company.

A gangster in the back of the armored ambulance opened the back door and fired a burst from a submachine gun at Brick, but only succeeded in destroying the windshield of the delivery truck.

Wildfire popped two offensive mini-grenades from his MGL-6 into the back of the ambulance through the open door, teaching the five gangsters therein the meaning of “the chunky salsa effect”. The Mafioso leaning out of the back of the ambulance fell to the ground stone dead.

Shiva, currently atop a nearby building on lookout, continued to scan the area for any additional enemies on the physical and astral planes. She caught a brief glimpse of a human on a motorcycle zipping between two buildings. He appeared to be carrying some type of heavy weapon. Shiva informed the team of this new complication.

The gangster in the passenger side of the ambulance shot Brick point blank with a shotgun, giving Brick a light wound. The driver of the ambulance fired through his own windshield at Kus, but missed. All four gangsters in the lead car fired light handguns at Kus, but his armor and evasion techniques kept him from being wounded. The gangsters in the follow car opened their doors and pointed their guns at Wildfire and Tool, but before they could shoot, Wildfire and Tool both dropped prone behind the stone barriers they were using for cover.

Brick, his cyberware revving to the max, leapt out of the delivery truck and ran for the cover of the demolished building’s tumbled stone.

Kus fired a burst into the passenger of the lead car, killing him instantly.

Smokey took his time and aimed at the driver of the ambulance.

Wildfire stood up and fired an offensive mini-grenade at the rear car, missing it completely.

The two gangsters in the front of the ambulance both shot at Kus, causing him a light wound.

Tool shot an offensive mini-grenade from his MGL-6 into the front seat of the ambulance, killing both gangsters.

Shiva continued to keep a lookout for additional enemies, especially that man on the motorcycle, to no avail.

Brick fired a couple of bursts into the rear car, but only managed to shower the occupants with glass.

Kus fired a burst at the two gangsters in the rear seat of the front car, missing the first and giving the second a moderate wound.

Brick fired a full auto burst into the driver of the rear car, spraying his innards outwards. The two gangsters in the back seat must have been pretty embarrassed, because boy were their faces red.

Kus fired a long burst into the wounded gangster in the back seat of the front car, sending him to work for the big Don in the sky.

Smokey, his aim at the driver of the ambulance disrupted by Tool’s grenade, starts aiming at the gangster in the driver’s side rear seat of the follow car.

Shiva, satisfied that there are no additional enemies (besides motorcycle guy) inbound, starts descending from the building to rejoin the team.

Wildfire casts Stunball at the rear car and all three of the remaining gangsters slumped over unconscious.

The two remaining gangsters in the front car fired at Kus. One missed Kus entirely and the other’s pathetic light ammo could not penetrate Kus’s layers of armor.

Brick approached the rear of the armored ambulance. His gag reflex caught in his throat as he looked into the abattoir that was once a place for saving lives. He estimated that there were four dead gangsters in the back of the ambulance, judging from the number of torsos he could see. He determined that there was no way he was going to climb into the back of the ambulance to search for intel or loot. Then his eyes fell on a tripod mounted Ultimax medium machine gun that the gangsters were undoubtedly intending to use on the runners. He had always wanted a medium machine gun. Actually, he had always really, really wanted a medium machine gun. He decided that wading through the gore in the back of the ambulance would be worth it for a medium machine gun. He grew tumescent with anticipation.

Kus pointed his Ingram Smartgun at the driver of the lead car and told him to leave.

Smokey, his aim spoiled this time by Wildfire, said “screw it” and started looking around for the guy on the motorcycle, while Shiva continued to make her way down to the street.

Wildfire didn’t have a clear line of sight on the first vehicle, so he decided to stay behind cover and look out for motorcycle guy.

Brick climbed into the back of the armored ambulance and tried to detach the medium machine gun, but he couldn’t quite figure out how do that without further breaking it.

Kus waited (rather impatiently) for the driver of the car to drive away, never letting his guard or his gun down.

Tool left cover and approached the rear of the ambulance.

Brick continued unsuccessfully to try to free the medium machine gun from its mount. He called out to Tool to get his halfer butt over there.

The driver of the lead car fired on Kus for no effect.

Kus, sighing in frustration, fired off a long burst into the driver of the lead car killing him. Kus started walking toward the rest of the runners when a gangster in the back seat of the lead car popped up and shot Kus point blank. If the gangster wasn’t firing such a small gun with such light ammo he might have actually hurt Kus. Instead, Kus returned the favor with much higher caliber ammo and much more precision.

Brick finally managed to extricate the medium machine gun from its mount just as Tool climbed into the ambulance to help him. He cradled his new toy and jumped out of the back of the ambulance to make his way back to the rubble.

While Kus’s back was turned, an evil, cowardly mafia sniper shot him in the back, moderately wounding him. If not for his layers of armor and his cybernetic enhancements, Kus would probably have been killed.

Smokey shifted his perceptions to the astral to assense the sniper. He realized that since the sniper was in a building a little way down the street, he would need to get into the building in order to summon a hearth spirit to confuse the sniper, so he began invisibly running down the street toward the sniper’s building.

Wildfire could barely see the sniper through the window that he was using for cover. He cast a Stunbolt at the sniper, causing a serious stun wound, but not taking the sniper out of the fight.

Kus, bleeding from a big hole in his ass, ran for cover in the rubble.

Shiva, having made it down from her perch, hopped on her bike and proceed to join the runners.

Tool, hearing about the sniper outside, decided to remain in the relative safety of the back of the ambulance. He decided to poke around the various viscera looking for the choicest loot. He collected a couple of HK 227S submachine guns and a couple of Enfield AS7 shotguns.

Brick fired two bursts at the sniper, the first one missed but the second gave him a moderate wound.

Kus fired a burst at the sniper giving him a light wound while Smokey kept running toward the building.

Wildfire pulled out his Savelette Guardian and fired a burst at the sniper, but he only succeeded in shooting holes in the window frame.

Brick drilled the sniper with a seven round full auto burst, practically sawing the sniper in half.

Kus, as wounded as he was, was even more excited than Brick had been upon seeing the medium machine gun, at the prospect of getting a sniping rifle. He ran as fast a cybernetically enhanced man could with multiple gunshot wounds and a stiffie, toward the sniper’s building. There was a minor mishap in the stairwell when Kus, barreling up the stairs, accidently slammed an invisible Smokey into the wall in his haste to reach his prize.

The runners did a quick search of the bodies for intel and loot, recovering several guns and a pocket secretary. Most of the runners jumped in Brick’s truck and drove off, with Shiva following on her motorcycle. Enroute to their current hideout, Tool performed first aid on Brick and healed his light wound. Tool then did first aid on Kus, healing his moderate wound to a light wound. Wildfire then used his Heal spell to heal Kus’s light wound while Tool looked over the Ultimax medium machine gun at Brick’s urgent insistence. Tool determined that the Ultimax was definitely broken, but he thought that a little TLC could bring it back to usefulness.

The runners arrived at their hideout and Tool realized that he had not disabled the GPS functionality on the pocket secretary. He then disabled the GPS, but the runners decided that they needed to find a new hideout just in case (because it’s not paranoia if everyone is actually out to get you).

Official Kill/Knockout Stats:

Wildfire: 8 (5 dead and 3 unconscious)
Kus: 4
Brick: 2
Tool: 2
Smokey: 0
Shiva: 0

Karma 7 (2 for the difficuly of the ambush, 4 for good roleplaying for the last few sessions, and 1 for the previous session’s write up)



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