Shadowrun - MW

Game Summary 8/11/16

The runners meet two more dragons (sort of)

Tool called Radek to find a local contact to get some Wuxing Tower security badges. Tool also used his resources to find out where Wuxing Tower staff had their uniforms laundered.

Smokey did some research to determine what magical significance of the deadline date of the run that Buttercup had given them had. All he could determine is that it had something to do with celestial alignments.

Kus ensconced himself in his room and engrossed himself in Russian ork on ork porn. Whip took advantage of the hotel’s amenities, running up quite a tab with room service and spa treatments. Wildfire did some legwork to find a couple force one sustaining foci. Brick cleaned his guns and checked his ammo supply.

The runners went to the laundry company after closing time to do some recon. The place looked deserted so they decided to ‘carpe diem’. Tool tried and failed to pick the manual lock on the door. He hissed, ”who uses a fraggin’ manual tumbler lock in the year 2060?!” Kus borrowed Tool’s lockpicks and had the door open in record time, causing some of the runners to marvel at the fact that he actually had a non-killing related skill.

The runners fanned out to find custodial uniforms for Wuxing Tower. Kus said that they should make sure to grab dirty uniforms as they aren’t counted until they are cleaned. They found what they needed and exited the laundry, making sure to relock the door on their way out.

They talked to Jack the decker and he confirmed that he could get into the Wuxing Tower system. He stated that he could override the alarm on the emergency stairwell doors as well as the cameras, but that was all. Wildfire asked him to identify some other highly sensitive and/or secure areas of the building. The idea was that Jack could set off alarms in those areas as a distraction if the runners needed to exit quickly.

Tool set up the meet to get the security badges and the rest of the runners chose to go with him for back up. When they met the local fixer he had six goons with him and the runners noticed more outside. The runners thought it a little odd that the fixer had so much security, but he acted professionally and the meet went smoothly.

Tool spent time staking out the tower for the best entrance. He found that many of the tower’s staff entered through a side door as opposed to the front door so they decided to use the side door. The runners went to various local restaurants to obtain take out boxes to conceal their guns. Tool saw that employees generally entered the building in groups of one or two, with the occasional group of three. The runners decided to break into three groups; Whip and Smokey would enter first, followed by Wildfire, Tool and Kus. Brick would stay outside and guard the van.

Whip and Smokey made it inside, onto the elevator and up to the 42nd floor without incident. They split up and entered the nearest restrooms to wait for the rest of the team. Wildfire, Tool and Kus made it inside and onto the elevator without any trouble. The elevator doors opened on the 12th floor and an executive and his heavily cybered bodyguard entered the elevator and hit the button for the 53rd floor. The runners recognized him as the senior vice president of Personnel from the pictures that they had downloaded when they were searching for access to the penthouse elevator.

The three runners knew enough about corporate etiquette to keep their eyes downcast and not met the executive’s gaze. The VP smiled and greeted them. There was a couple of seconds of silence that felt like an eternity to Wildfire. He glanced at Tool out of the corner of his eye. Tool was usually their face that interacted with the public, but right then he appeared to be at a loss for words. Wildfire could feel a knot form in his stomach as he realized that Tool wasn’t going to respond, but Kus looked like he was about to same something. Something that, if history was any indication, might end in a very intense firefight in a very small space. Wildfire quickly and obsequiously returned the greeting with a nervous smile on his face. The executive asked them how they liked working for Wuxing and Wildfire responded in his best toady tone that they were very proud to work for Wuxing and grateful for their jobs. That seemed to satisfy the VP and there was no further conversation. The doors opened on the 42nd floor and the runner exited the elevator, careful to avoid bumping the VP and his bodyguard.

The runners assembled and headed for the emergency stairwell. They contacted Jack to make sure that the alarms and cameras were taken care of. Then they entered the stairwell and proceeded to floor under the penthouse level, where Smokey, Wildfire and Whip deactivated all of their foci. The runners ascended to the penthouse level through the ward. They waited in the stairwell for a couple of minutes while the magically gifted ones reactivated their foci and recast their spells into their sustaining foci. Smokey also summoned a spirit, just in case.

The runners entered the penthouse and took a moment to get their bearings. They all felt a buzzing in the air. Smokey and Wildfire felt he magic in the air and determined that they were in some sort of nexus of ley lines. The whole penthouse was a large open garden with a cathedral ceiling. There was a central zen rock garden with carefully groomed sand and rocks, with a footbridge over it. There were potted plants and shrubbery all over the level with paths meandering throughout. Benches graced the sides of the paths and other furniture was placed around the periphery. Most importantly from the runners’ perspective was that there were no people, spirits or cameras in the penthouse and only two access points; the emergency stairs and the executive elevator.

The runners pulled out the plans that Buttercup had given them and began to rearrange the furniture. Working as a team it only took them about fifteen minutes to make the modifications. When the last piece of furniture was placed in the new configuration they heard a crystal chiming sound that reverberated in their bones. Suddenly the runners felt weightless; like they were floating thousands of feet above the Earth. They could see four shining points and glowing lines connecting them. One point was in mainland China, one in Vladivostok, one in Japan and the fourth was the Wuxing Tower in Hong Kong that they had been standing in. Two dragons appeared; one over the mainland China point that they recognized from the trid as Luam; the other over the Japan point appeared to be Rumiyo. They looked at each other and exclaimed at the same time, “Did you do this?! No, you did this! We shall see!” The dragons then disappeared and the runners were back in their bodies in the Wuxing Tower penthouse.

The runners had a three hour wait until midnight, so the mages turned themselves invisible and the others took cover and kept an eye on the two access points. The wait was uneventful and the runners successfully exfiltrated the tower, changed in the van and went out for pizza.

After getting back to their hotel, Tool called a very satisfied Buttercup and she sent them their individual 120K nuyen payments for a job well done. Shortly after that Tool received a call from Radek, who had another job for them, this time in Tehran with a 200K nuyen each pay day.

Karma: 6 (1 for surviving, 1 for delivering Sen Lo, 1 for something that Mark said, 2 for completing the Wuxing Tower run, 1 for the previous write up)

Official Kill/Knock Out Stats:

Brick, Kus, Whip, Smokey, Tool Wildfire 0 (Can you believe they pulled off a stealthy run with no casualties?!?!)



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