Shadowrun - MW

Summary 11/17/16

Recipe for a Clusterf*ck

Brick waited behind cover on the west side of the warehouse floor. He kept his eyes on the doors as his hands automatically reloaded his Ingram Smartgun. Kus did the same from the east side of the warehouse floor.

Whip, up on the catwalk standing over the bloody heap that used to be the Chimera sniper, used the runners’ tactical comm to let the group know that she was searching for the roof hatch.

Wildfire double checked to make sure that Manuel Cortez was safely under cover from the main doors. He didn’t come all this way to get Cortez to let him die before he got his answers. He pulled out his mage mask and put it on Cortez, then activated his spell lock to start levitating up to the catwalks. He commed Whip that he could heal her wound if she found him.

Smokey dropped the Improved Invisibility spell that he had been maintaining on himself and cast an Armor spell on Brick.

The Chimera flunkies fired another IR smoke grenade into each of the inner warehouse doors to cover their advance. Three very hazy figures in security armor moved from the outer foyer into the inner foyer and each ppeared to be carrying something bulky. Brick’s ultrasound sight picked them up and he fired two 3 round bursts of EX explosive ammo from his Smartgun into one of the figures. The flunky dodged the first burst but the second burst caught him squarely, giving him a serious wound.
Kus could barely see the figures through the IR smoke, even with his custom Zeiss cybereyes. He fired two 3 round bursts of Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot (APDS) ammo into the wounded enemy, finishing him off.

The remaining two flunkies moved forward between the two doors out of Brick and Kus’s sight for a moment. When they reappeared they were high-tailing it back out towards the front door and didn’t appear to have the bulky objects anymore.

Smokey’s great form spirit materialized in the inner foyer and prepared to attack the two interlopers before they could clear the inner room. Before it could attack, three bad guys waiting in the outer foyer opened up on it with bursts from their FN HAR assault rifles. The rounds tore through the spirit, disrupting it. Smokey moved to a ladder on the east side of the warehouse and climbed up to the catwalk. As he climbed he called out and commanded his hearth spirit to open the roof hatch.

Brick called out, “Breaching charge between the doors” and moved to the ladder in the southwest corner and climbed up to the catwalk.

Tool moved from cover to cover to back of the warehouse as Whip met Wildfire up on the catwalk. Wildfire cast a Heal spell on her, curing all of her wounds. Whip had noticed some added hardware on the roof hatch when she had run by it, so she grabbed the floating Wildfire and moved him further east, away from the roof hatch, as he healed her.

Kus ran back through the warehouse to where Black Streak and Cortez were waiting under cover. He told Black Streak to climb the nearest ladder to the catwalk and the fixer hurried to comply, glad to have some direction amid the chaos. Brick moved south along the catwalk, away from the main doors.

Wildfire cast an Improved Invisibility spell on Whip. She pulled him over to the east side of the warehouse catwalk toward the southernmost large window.

Smokey’s hearth spirit materialized next to the roof hatch and opened it. The resulting explosion destroyed the spirit and made a sizable hole in the roof. Smokey, safely removed from the bomb radius, moved to the middle window on the east wall and checked it for traps or bombs.

Whip opened the window next to her and dropped through it to the ground outside, lightly injuring herself in the process.

It looked to Wildfire that the team would either be leaving through the windows or the roof, so he decided to bring Cortez up to the catwalk. He cast a Levitation spell on Cortez’s chair, sweating under the strain of maintaining the invisibility on Whip. Cortez was halfway to the catwalk when Kus turned from the doors, saw Cortez floating up and fired a three round burst of ADPS ammo into him, giving him a mortal wound.

Wildfire yelled, “What the hell did you do that for?!”

Kus responded, “I thought he was trying to get away.”

“Get away?! Are you fucking kidding me?! He’s tied to a chair and wearing a mage mask!”

“Well I thought he might be a mage.”

“You thought he was a mage casting a spell while tied to a chair and wearing a mage mask? Seriously?!”

“Yeah. Why didn’t you tell me that you were moving him?”

“Because I never in million years thought that you would shoot a helpless prisoner tied to a chair and wearing a mage mask. Especially since you’ve seen me levitate people and things dozens of times and most of the team has already moved up to the catwalks.”

“Well you should have told me. It’s too late now.”

Wildfire muttered something inaudible but most likely derogatory under his breath as the bleeding Cortez landed on the catwalk next to him. He was determined that Cortez wouldn’t die before he found out why the bastard ordered the hit on his brother Rapid. He knew that Cortez’s wound would kill him quickly and that he would need all of his mojo for a Heal spell. He felt a moment of anguish as he dropped the Improved Invisibility spell on Whip, knowing that she had already been wounded once on this run and hoping that she wouldn’t be a sitting duck out there. He summoned up all of his power and cast a Hel spell on Cortez, healing some of his wounds and keeping the Grim Reaper at bay, for the time being. As soon as the Heal spell was done he leaned out the window and saw Whip running up the side of the building to the front. She was still in range so he cast a Physical Camouflage spell on her. While it was not as good as invisibility, it would make her shape blurry and help it blend in with the background.

Kus moved to the nearest ladder and moved up to the catwalk. Brick opened the middle window on the west wall.

Everyone’s head snapped toward the front of the warehouse as the breaching charge went off. A large hole appeared in the wall between the doors as debris was flung into the room. Regular smoke joined the IR smoke and the burning white phosphorus in the air.

Kus couldn’t see anyone through all of the smoke, but decided to fire a couple of three round welcome presents through the new door to say hello to the neighbors and let them know that the runners hadn’t forgotten them. After a short pause, Brick said what the hell and added his two cents by hosing the breach with a full auto burst.

Whip rounded the front corner of the building and saw three bad guys facing the warehouse. She updated the rest of the team via their tactical comm as one of the three noticed her. He called and motioned to the others and pointed at her. She knew if she tried running back around the side of the warehouse she would never make it to the far end before they came around the corner and lit her up, so she sprinted across the street and found cover behind another building.

Kus dropped off of the catwalk to the floor. He landed on his feet, dropped into a roll as smoothly as only someone with Enhanced Articulation could and came up heading for the new front door.

Wildfire told Black Streak to drag Cortez’s chair to the rear of the warehouse catwalks by the southeast ladder and wait for them. Black Streak grabbed the chair and started dragging. Meanwhile Wildfire floated on the catwalks toward the front of the building to get a better angle on anyone coming through the breach.

Smokey activated a spell lock and levitated himself up to the roof.

Whip alerted the runners that two flunkies have emerged from the warehouse and they and the other group of three are leap-frogging each other down the street to the west.

Kus was a cybernetically enhanced blur as he sprinted from the back of the warehouse to the breach.

One of the bad guys saw Whip leaning out from behind cover and shot her with two 3 round bursts from his FN HAR assault rifle. Whip managed to dodge one burst, but took a light wound from the other. Another thug saw Brick through the west window and fired at him but missed. Brick returned fire at two of the flunkies but they managed to dodge both bursts.

Wildfire began floating from the east side of the warehouse to the west side while Smokey floated across the roof to the front of the building. Brick and the thugs kept exchanging fire through the window, but between the movement and cover neither side hit anything.

Kus reached the breach and charged through it and the smoke, heading for the front door.

Whip decided to run behind the building that she was using for cover in an attempt to flank the enemy. When she made it halfway down the building the camouflage spell dissipated as she reached the limit of Wildfire’s range.

Wildfire landed on the west side catwalk and opened the window in front of him. He located their enemies and realized that they were almost out of sight.

On the roof, Smokey cast detect enemies, but didn’t locate any in range.

Tool told Black Streak to take Cortez to the nearest ladder to prepare to evac and climbed the ladder to help him. Wildfire called out over the comm to remember to get gather the bad guys’ gear, especially the sniper rifles and the funky camo suit the sniper was wearing.

Brick continued to exchange fire with the retreating enemies to no avail.

Wildfire looked out the window at the departing flunkies. The group of three had already disappeared around the corner of a building, but the group of two was still barely visible behind cover. Wildfire knew that they would be hard to reach behind cover, so he took a moment to center himself. He drew in a deep breath, sharpened his focus, and cast a Stunball spell at the distant enemies, dropping them both unconscious.

The runners hurriedly searched their opponents’’ bodies for intel and gear. They secured their three prisoners and threw them into the truck. Smokey and Wildfire were the last ones out. Wildfire commanded one of his fire elementals to burn all of the dead bodies in the building to ash while Smokey cast Sterilize repeatedly throughout the building, paying special attention to any bloodstains.

The runners left the scene before any Lone Star sirens could be heard. Wildfire looked forward to a little quiet time with Manuel Cortez but knew that there was some healing and other biz that needed to be done first.

Karma 3 (1 for winning the fight, one for the write up, and 1 for something Patrick said that was spot on)

Official Kill/Knock-Out Stats

Wildfire 2
Kus 1
Brick, Whip, Smokey, Tool 0



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