Shadowrun - MW

Game Summary 12/15/16

Bye-bye Rowena…And roll end credits…

The runners decided to wait until three in the morning, hoping most of the people in the mansion would be asleep. Wildfire did hourly astral recons of the mansion. As 3am approached he counted twenty eight people in the mansion in addition to Rowena. He noted that most of the people in the mansion were still awake, but that Rowena was asleep in a bedroom in the basement.

Wildfire relayed the information to the team and they went over various plans of attack. Most of the team was against a frontal attack; some because the thought of mass murdering twenty eight people gave them pause; others because a fire fight with that many people was likely to take a few of the runners with them. They decided on a quiet infiltration from the rear of the building, down to Rowena’s bedroom, finish her and get out before anyone knew they’re there. The runners weren’t too excited by the plan because all it would take was one guard getting off a shout of warning or a single gunshot to bring everyone in the mansion down on them while giving Rowena a chance to escape.

Smokey and Whip put on the heavy security armor and helmets that they just acquired from the mercenaries. Smokey then summoned a great form city spirit and kept it on call. The rest of the runners checked their weapons and gear one last time before the kick off.

They stealthed their way around the back, outside the outer estate wall, to the lake facing side of the mansion. Wildfire activated the levitation spell in one of his spell locks and floated up until his head cleared the back wall of the estate. He focused his binoculars on the back door and spotted two goons with assault rifles and tactical vests on guard. He cast a Stunball spell and grunted in satisfaction as they both slumped to the ground. He floated back down and updated the team.

Kus said, “This is going to be a pain in the ass. You know we’re going to end up fighting all twenty eight assholes inside, right omae?”

Tool replied, “Do you have a better idea?”

“No, I just wish there was some other way. Can’t you magic types put some kind of whammy on her from here?”

Smokey replied, “No, combat spells need line of sight to do damage and Rowena is not magically active so we can’t astrally project and attack her.”

Wildfire smacked his hand against his forehead, “I can’t believe I didn’t think of it. We can’t attack Rowena from the astral, but we can command our spirits manifest and kill her. I can’t believe that after we wiped out the Merlins, the Finnegans didn’t get new magical support and put up a ward. Well, they’re going to find out how big a mistake that was very shortly.”

Wildfire turned to the rest of the runners and said, “Everyone sit tight while Smokey and I end this.”

Smokey and Wildfire sat down and leaned against the wall. Smokey nodded to Wildfire and they both astrally projected. Smokey called his great form spirit while Wildfire called his numerous elementals to him. They moved through the walls into the mansion and sunk through the floor into the basement. They passed through a sitting room outside Rowena’s bedroom noting the four wide awake armed guards playing cards around a table.

They entered her bedroom and Wildfire turned to Smokey and said, “Do you want to say good-bye? She was your girlfriend so I wouldn’t blame you. Maybe you could tell her that we killed the Chimera sniper that killed her dad, that way she can die happy.”

Smokey gave him a sharp look.

“Okay, relatively happy. You know, as happy as someone can be when they’re being murdered. At least she can go to her grave knowing her father’s death has been avenged.”

“Okay.” Smokey manifested as a ghostly apparition and called Rowena’s name. He had to call her name several times before she awoke. She sat up and rubbed sleep out of her eyes.

Smokey said, “Hey Rowena, we need to talk.”

She lowered her hands at the sound of his voice, her eyes opened wide.

Smokey said, “It’s about your father…” Before he could say more Rowena snatched an Ares Predator II off of her nightstand and fired a round harmlessly through Smokey’s floating form.

Wildfire said, “I guess she doesn’t want to talk.”

Smokey replied, “Yeah, screw this.” He then commanded his great form spirit to kill her and he stopped manifesting. The spirit manifested and attacked her, giving her a light wound.

Wildfire could hear the guards in the next room getting mobilized and he realized that they didn’t have the time to let Smokey’s spirit finish the job, so he command one of his fire elementals to attack Rowena until she was completely dead. He determined that there would be no last minute Doc Wagon saves or miraculous magical healing for her. After all, the Finnegans were connected and had considerable resources. His elemental manifested and attacked Rowena, giving her a serious wound. He manifested and said, “I don’t know if you care at this point, but we killed the Chimera sniper that killed your father. I just thought you should know.” Rowena didn’t give any indication that she heard what he said as she continued to fight the spirits.

Smokey’s spirit attacked her again but she didn’t take any damage.

The guards in the sitting room ran to the bedroom door and fumbled the key into the lock. Wildfire took that as his que and stopped manifesting.

The fire elemental attacked but she was able to dodge. Rowena ran to the door of her bedroom just as the guards opened it. She bolted out, partially on fire and coughing up smoke and yelled, “Smokey.” The guards’ eyes opened in shock and fear as the great form spirit and the fire elemental passed through them in pursuit of Rowena. They never saw the astral forms of Smokey and Wildfire follow the spirits out the door.

The great form spirit attacked the fleeing Rowena and she dropped to the floor with another serious wound. The fire elemental attacked her two more times as the guards’ bullets passed ineffectually through both spirits and riddled the far wall.

Smokey and Wildfire watched as Rowena’s astral signature faded, leaving her physical body completely dead. They thanked their spirits as they the spirits faded away. Then they returned to the team to give them the good news. The runners stealthed back to Brick’s Ares Roadmaster and they took off. Brick drove a convoluted path back to Kus’s doss more out of habit than an awareness of any real pursuit.

The runners figured that Seattle was too hot for them now and decided to find work elsewhere, especially now that they had an international fixer buddy. They liquidated their vehicles and property and set out for a vacation in the Caribbean League the next day for a much needed rest before planning their next move.

Karma: 1 (for the previous write up)

Official Kill/Knock Out Stats:

Wildfire 2
Smokey 1 (Rowena)
Brick, Kus, Whip, Tool: 0



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